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Korea in March 2015


I was in Korea back in March, and here's my trip in pictures. Not very much of a touristy trip, as my bro and I both really wanted to just shop and not really be picky about food, and also to not visit any attractions. Hope you'd still enjoy my post!

friday//DAY ONE//13032015

Extensions + blingbling nails whoop #SPICANAILS

Had some meh food from SG>HK but this snacker set was quite decent, from HK>KR. What is this VLT tea man it was so awesome. 

As we touchdown, I forgot to really take a pic of my hostel but it was fab and I'd totally live there the next time I go to Korea. Its Residence EO in Myeongdong.

A pic of my bro cos his get up for the day was nice while I was looking tired and zombified

It was too cold at that time so I had coffee even though I don't usually drink coffee, just to get a warm cuppa something to warm ma hands. Didn't expect Korea to be this cold at this time!

Neighbourhood of our place, in Myeongdong.

We barely started out the day and I already got a lot of beauty products by the first hour. THIS. IS. THE LIFE. Staying just across a street from the popular Myeongdong shopping area, I made many trips to and fro the hostel to load and unload my shopping loots :P

And a mandatory shot of Myeongdong's shopping street

Had gooksu (noodles in soup) for lunch. Surprisingly it was really good!

Side dishes

And we decided to head to Hongdae. Presenting a birthday banner of minomino whom I really like!

I took a picture of this shop that sells alcohol because it was so Konglish wordplay. Sul (pronounced sool) is alcohol in Korean, so the name of this place (Sulpermarket) tickles me.

A clown from Samsung in the middle.. and a clown from my family on the left

Street busker in Hongdae! We stumbled across it while looking for the renown shopping area.

Stylenanda was meh. Why is it that this brand is so desireable in Singapore but somehow it just feels really meh there. Most people who hauls stuff there are not Koreans. My Korean friend Boyoon also told me that to Koreans, stylenanda's items were overpriced and there were so much other places you can get similar stuff from. And I didn't get anything from 3CE because honestly I already have everything that I wanted from the brand.

Budae jigae (army stew) to end the day. I can't take spiciness and this was quite spicy... but ok la I mean I'm in Korea, I have to do what they do! Didn't shop much in Hongdae because their clothes were quite expensive for what they are and I really see no point in splurging on the first day in Korea, before going to the other places. BUT I bought a coat in some random shop in Hongdae that was too big for me anyway and wore it throughout my trip in Korea cos I NEVER EXPECTED IT TO BE THIS COLD. 

saturday//DAY TWO//14032015
Began our day with some expensive but super yummy breakfast @ A Twosome Place. Honestly I'm not very picky about food and I don't really go to cafes to look hipster/ take vsco instagram pictures so I didn't patronise many unique cafes in Korea though I know that Hongdae has lots of dainty cafes. However, food quality in chain cafes e.g. Paris Baguette, Caffe Bene and A Twosome Place are quite standard, and often they taste good so I usually go to those instead.

Finally a (huge) selfie. Bro & I were on the way to Bucheon where my friend Boyoon lives. She agreed to take us to lunch and her house :')

This was a random station along the Incheon line as we travelled the wrong direction. Wrong place, but not very much a wrong time as I get to see this side of Korea.

Met up with Boyoon and she took us to one of her favourite restaurants near her house. This is.. dubu kimchi jigae (kimchi & beancurd stew)? I dunno

And bossam (steamed pork wrap platter? haha I don't know how to describe it)! I never thought of eating really traditional food because my main motive was to really shop to the max, and not hunt for good food. This was a new flavour to my Singaporean taste buds, and I really appreciate this meal.

Boyoon > meeee > bro. And our delicious meal!

It was KPOPSTAR4 on tv. Not bad. Though I really hoped for Jung Seung Hwan to win :(

And we went to Boyoon's place! Strawberries were in season so they were soooooo nice and fresh (and reasonably priced).

Her cat Nongkul~

And Bokdung~ its hard to capture cats in a clear photo dayum

We headed out for dinner and this was a restroom in Starbucks. Like man Starbucks, you've got some next level tap.

I always wanted to get drunk try eating in a tent! Its like the it-thing for everyone heartbroken to do, according to Korean dramas. And why does my eyes look so edited.......

Mixed stuff with soondae (random animal innards/blood and glass noodles wrapped in glutinous rice) which gave my bro a bad tummyache. It was so bad, I don't even wanna remember about it. It tastes funky too, something which I will not try for a second time.

And then I wonder why we didn't get other food available. Hahaha. Maybe the soondae set the standards for the shop so we couldn't wait to leave. We didn't even eat a lot of it :(

Boyoon took us to another popular street stall in that area (still in Bucheon) for awesome odeng (random stuff cooked in broth, usually fish cakes in seafood broth). It was really yummy, and cheap. Haha I could eat like 20 of it but I didn't want to lose my friend >.< Odeng is like my favourite street food in Korea. Tried other stuff like dokbokki (spicy rice cakes), dakkochi (skewered chicken), gyeran bbang (egg bread) etc but they just don't get me going for a second one. Odeng5eva.

They had an honesty payment system where you'd let them bill you according to your empty sticks. The ajummas were so busy cooking and serving but they trust you not to throw it into the bin right there after eating, but to pay for it! 

Bucheon was a really nice shopping spot in Korea too! Never would we discover this place if I didn't have Boyoon hahaha.

 sunday//DAY THREE//15032015

Started the day from lunch.Yassss its Macdonalds ermagerd

I totally love the Double Bulgogi Burger. Its like one of the yummiest burger in ma life. No shit.

And we went to Express Bus Terminal to shop. The things were cheap there, but its hard to find special, unique pieces. Infact, the stuff there can be quite out of fashion. But its cheap. You can get basic items there at a really cheap price but do be prepared to compromise on its quality.

Went back to Myeongdong to unload stuff and have dinner at a cheap place nearby. A long roll of kimbab (rice roll) at like 3000 won! I honestly prefer sushi because kimbab has this leaf that tastes funky.. It's neglectable but it still tastes funky.

Odeng soup (fishcake in broth)

It didn't occur to me to take a pic of it, only till I dug in. Its jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) btw. Tastes..normal. Beans are not my thing, in the first place.

Shopping makes me super hungry so I had like kimbab + odeng soup + jajangmyeon. I don't even eat this much in SG! For some reason, I lost weight when I came back from Korea. I guess I ate a lot but there was a hell lot of walking (and stairs in the mrt) as well.

Went to dongdaemun after dinner! 

There were two areas in dongdaemun. The retail/consumer malls (New Pyonghwa, Migliore, Doota, apM, Maxtyle etc) and wholesale malls (Art Plaza, Studio W, Nam Pyeonghwa etc)

Performance infront of Migliore.

Was excited as this was the first mall we walked into. Forgot where this place was (it was one of the retail/consumer mall) but it was one hella shopping experience. Lots of random staff talking to you, enticing you with discounts just for your but the price is still crazy. The malls are categorized by what they sell. Quite useful if you're rich and you can buy meh quality at departmental store pricing.

A better glimpse of the level. Most shops in the mall were pushy like that so we left the place in a jiffy. It was so scary. However, there may be some nice sellers and they are often located on the first level.

Out of all the retail malls, I recommend Maxtyle. The items are reasonably priced and sellers are slightly more friendly there hehehe. Doota also sells really fashionable indie designer labels but they are not so reasonably priced.

Went back to Myeongdong and it was nearing Xiumin's birthday! This was just put up near the main exit of the mrt. 

monday//DAY FOUR//16032015
This was the Pooh & Friends collection at Dunkin Donuts. Not a fan, but they were pretty cute!

Didn't have a picture of what we ate but the donuts were so cute!!!

Went to Bucheon again! It was noon by the time we reached as it was quite a distance away. We didn't have time to really shop so we came back. Boyoon recommended this takoyaki shop and we had to try it since it was too crowded the other time.

Box of goodness, with free water #ILOVEKOREA #FREESERVICE

I am so going back to Bucheon for you. Sadly most places and the underground shopping mall in Bucheon were closed so we went to another area along the same MRT line, but most shops were also closed. Why! 

We also tried going to Jongno but its just not the awesome shopping place we saw online! From Jongno, we also walked by Gwangjang Shijang which is a popular tourist spot for local food but nah, ain't no time for that. Besides, we were really disheartened by all the closures seemingly we wasted a day travelling :(

Anyways we went back to Myeongdong and just shopped randomly over there. Always good to just randomly walk about in Myeongdong even though we live a street across haha.

Had Yoogane for dinner at Myeongdong before we headed to the cat cafe!

This cat cafe is called goyangi noriteo which is "cat playground". It has a cat mascot along the shopping street of Myeongdong who'd kindly show you to the cafe. Entrance fee was 8,000 with a free drink, and it gets you a spot in the cafe for a whole day.

The cats were mostly minding their own business. They won't even peck at your food cos they've got their lifetime supply here.


I liked his collar so its the focus of that picture. Lol.

Is this a cushion, or a cat? Find out by sitting on it! Okay its quite obviously a cat.

tuesday//DAY FIVE//17032015
Bought the popular Isaac toast from downstairs our hostel. Had some kinda bulgogi cheese sandwich (yes I really love bulgogi) and iced tea, which were both yums but there's so many flavours I'll probably never eat the same ones again. Check out my polka dots pants.

 They also had an honesty payment system where they have two baskets of small change for you to put your money in and get your own change. Koreans, expect so much of humanity. 

Headed to some river at dongdaemun as it was still early in the noon. This is one of my favourite makeup item that I discovered in Korea! Its the Ameli Baked Powder, and I bought it from Myeongdong's Lotte Young Plaza before getting here. I'll show a better pic in another post (of my makeup haul woohoo)

Not the scene I'd imagine (cherry blossoms floating around) as we went too early in the year.

We were lucky to catch some ducks in action!

Had some Mexican food. I had quesadillas (left) and bro had a burrito (right). Dayum do Koreans do Mexican food right.

And most of dongdaemun wasn't open till like 8pm so we headed to Sinchon/ Edae after 

It was amusing that a coca cola can had braille! Awesome!

Headed to Sinchon/ Edae in the evening. Quite a long stretch of retail but its really similar with Myeongdong. I think I like Myeongdong better anyway. Didn't spend much time there. We'll go back to Edae area another day in the day time.

There was a huge SPAO in Sinchon so we bought a few things. The main point of the shop is EXO even though there wasn't any EXO printed on any apparel. 

Q: What is Sehun's shirt made of?
A: Boyfriend material

And Xiumin! Most of their stuff are reasonably priced, like Uniqlo in Singapore. Their style is also really similar with Uniqlo, like basic stuff.

wednesday//DAY SIX//18032015
Didn't do much in the day, but in the evening we went to dongdaemun (yes fkin again) cos the last time we came, the other area was not opened yet so we moved on and did not decide to wait for them to open at 8pm. Had doshirak (Korean traditional lunch box) for dinner in a random homely small shop in dongdaemun.

I'm not sure of how I should eat it. I saw it on EXO Showtime that they shaked the whole box up to mix the rice but it was too hot so I mixed it a la bibimbab style.

Checked out the other side of wholesale malls. All of these malls were super crowded. This is U:US.

On one side of the junction we have Designer Club and NUZZON, also wholesale malls.

apM Luxe, a wholesale mall. There is a retail mall called apM on the other side so please head to that rather than this cos you won't be able to buy anything here.

Here's Studio W and Art Plaza behind. Still wholesale malls.

Art Plaza from the front.

Nam Pyeong Hwa. These wholesale malls that I mentioned opens from 8pm till 3am, and they are literally wholesale malls. The apparels they sell are the latest and most fashion forward in Korea, as shop owners from all over Korea come here and buy them to sell in their stores. The thing about these shops is that you can't buy just one piece, or be prepared to pay a much higher price for one piece. A super good quality leather jacket caught my bro's eye but he was not allowed to buy one piece. It was only going for 18,000won a piece... if you buy 20 pieces. The retail malls in dongdaemun also gets their supply here so you have to buy it from those malls instead. It was still nice to walk through these malls cos you get to witness a business frenzy and also the latest Korean trends.

Bought supper along our hostel area as shopping really makes us hungry. Bro had kimbab (he is hypnotized by kimbab that he ate so much of it during our trip) and I had random chinese noodles. They even packed in the free side dishes for us awww. Oh, and every night I'll have a random Korean drink and its grape juice this time (tried the tomato juice, aloe juice and apple juice from the same brand so I thought it was gonna be good too but) this was toooo sweet ugh. Bro was also hypnotized by chilsung cider, this green can that tastes really similar with Sprite, imo. He hunted for it when we came back to Singapore, lol.

thursday//DAY SEVEN//19032015
Shopped in Edae area for pretty much the whole day! Not much pics because I stopped bringing my camera out on shopping days. Too much load!

Then we met Boyoon again! This time in Bupyeong where there was a crazy underground shopping mall. She brought us to have jjim dak which is like sauteed chicken and other stuff like potatoes, glass noodles and veggies. Super yumz!!! Follow a Korean to know where all the good food are!

And finally had bingsu (shaved ice + flavour)! There are many shops selling bingsu but Sulbing was really popular. It was strawberry season so their most saleable one was this!

friday//DAY EIGHT//20032015

Spent the day crying in bed, that it was our last day in Korea hahahahaha. We planned to visit the Namsan Tower which was just behind our hostel but the host told us that it was freezing cold up there. Ended up revisiting places like Hongdae, Edae, Dongdaemun and last minute shopping in Myeongdong before packing our bags.

Rushed to Myeongdong shopping streets to look for a hand-carry bag to bring home ALL of our things despite me bringing a 28-inch luggage. Also bought supper on the way back.

Drowned our sorrows in a takeaway food binge. Had Boor Chicken which was just downstairs our hostel. We bought pizza, half a spicy fried chicken, half an original friend chicken and half a teriyaki-marinated fried chicken. And my brother's chilsung cider addiction is still going strong. Everything was super yummy, I need to go back to Korea for Boor Chicken.

saturday//DAY NINE//21032015

And I had a really bad fever, sorethroat and cough till I didn't have any voice due to the binge on the last day. I was sick for an entire 10 days before seeing signs of recovery. Its ok Boor Chicken, its totally not your fault and I'll go back to Korea and eat a lot of Boor Chicken.

I'll do a makeup haul video since I bought too much makeup to talk about in a blog post like this. Seeya~


  1. Awesome post! I want to go to Korea so badly T_T I went last year, but felt like I didn't properly take advantage of the trip


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