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Back from Korea


I came back from Korea just a week ago before falling REALLY SICK for a week. Korea was awesome and I couldn't wait to blog about it...until I found out that I only left about 20 pictures of a cat cafe throughout my whole trip. I brought my camera to many places and took many photos so I'm quite sad to only find cat cafe pics in my memory card :( Well I dropped my camera once but that was on the 2nd day of my 9 days trip and I think I went to the cat cafe on the 5th night so I don't know how all this happened. Sure, I'm sad but well it was a darned good trip etched in my head. So yes, the photo of me is terribly yellow due to the lighting in the cat cafe :(

Yes I bought soooo much cosmetics and skincare also and my luggage was 30kg when I came back (excluding my 10kg carry-on hehehe) because there were sales everywhere it was crayyy. Can't wait to post my haul!

A moment for my lost photos, please. Meanwhile I'll try to salvage them :'(

Annie's Way masks


Its been awhile since I posted anything, and here's a review of my current holy grail mask!!! I actually already heard of it (bubzbeauty & other beauty bloggers rave so much about it!) and it just landed in Singapore SASA a few weeks ago.

The first time I saw it, I wanted the best selling Hyaluronic (blue one) but they were sold out so I got the charcoal one (was on some kinda introductory offer, 20% off $32.90 = $26.32). I loveeedd it so I thought I'd pick 2 more from the range. On the pamphlet, it felt like the Hyaluronic one and Rose one would suit my skin so I went back for more. But the staff mentioned that the Hyaluronic one was still out of stock and that the Rose one was not gonna be sold in SG. Bummer! I settled for two other ones, Aloe & Calendula (was again on some kinda introductory offer, 2 for $50 = 1 for $25). I placed an order and had the staff contact me once the Hyaluronic one is back in stock. I asked if there was any offer and they said it was …