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Favourite daily lippies!


Its been awhile! I have been (as usual) trying out stuff and here I have some of my favourite lippies for awhile. I rotate among them everyday and here's my review!

 I shall spare you the sight of my very well-used lippies but here are the names:

- Tory Burch Pas du Tout (orange and gold boxy casing)
- Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Sheers 304 (black casing)
- Jill Stuart Lip Blossom 09 Brilliant Lily (silver casing)
- Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss Liar
- Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss Streak


Tory Burch Pas du Tout 
Creamy, sheer and slightly glittery nude pink-brown color. It is said to be slightly scented with some kinda Tory Burch perfume but I honestly find that it smelt like cheap lipsticks. This is pretty sheer but it does match my skin tone and the color does show up on my not-very-pigmented lips. Very moisturizing during its approximately 3 hours wear time but not much beyond that. Oh, and the packaging is really pretty!! Tory Burch cosmetics is available at Robinsons Orchard, if you're wondering. This lipstick costed $45.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Sheers 304
Also a sheer lipstick as stated in the name. More of a coral color but leaning to pink. Its a little on the not-so-moisturizing side for a sheer lipstick and will accentuate any dryness or flakes on the lips. The wearing time is however very long, about 5 hours with eating and drinking. It also has no significant scent. Giorgio Armani cosmetics is exclusively sold at DFS Scotts and I don't remember how much this costs.. haha. Keep in mind that this is meant to be sheer (their satin series is not bad too, but not a fave haha)

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom 09 Brilliant Lily
A glittery, translucent reddish orange color. Its very smooth, and more of a jelly than creamy texture. It has noticeable glitters and the finish is very glossy. Doesn't last very long with eating and drinking, probably like 2 hours (haha) but I really like the color while it lasts. Smells like most other Jill Stuart products... which I don't know how to describe but its very prominent. Got this in Hong Kong and I would definitely get more the next time I'm there!

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss in Liar and Streak
Liar is a pinkish color and Streak is a coral-peach color. Both have no glitter is of the same creamy, sticky, rich texture despite the colors being sheer. Most reviews on the internet mentioned that its way too sheer and should have better pigmentation since its not exactly cheap. Honestly, I use this as a lipbalm; by applying a very thin layer for less gloss and less color. I have two of these because I couldn't decide on one #girlproblems. This gloss is my favouritest gloss ever, and its coming from a girl who don't like using lipglosses. It gives a very even and smooth finish which makes my lips look very full and healthy. Upon application, there is a slightly minty feeling and it taste/smells of the food item I dislike... peanut butter. Thank goodness the smell don't last and is quite faint. It is also meant to nourish the lips and there's some study that consumers find that their lip conditions  (lip lines, dryness etc) get better from wearing this gloss, and I have to say that this claim is true. The moisturizing effect lasts the day even if I wear it for a few hours. Wear time for these is about 3 hours w/o eating or drinking. I wouldn't say that the price is reasonable but I really felt that it was well worth the price as it delivers not just a temporary color but also a lasting moisture. This retails for $32 each in Sephora Singapore.

As you can see, all the colors are very neutral and I feel very comfortable in them most of the time. Will update more, thanks for reading!


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