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Cushion all thing err thing


As you would have probably came across since some time ago, most (Korean) beauty brands have released their own versions of a cushion compact, that either stores BB creams, bases, CC creams, foundations etc. Thanks to my friend Andy, I got one of Etude House's latest BB cushion compact! Its not exactly a review since I havn't used it a lot, but I just wanted to talk about its first impression. Its called Etude House Lock'n Summer Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion, which has SPF 50 and supposedly is very lasting and "summer proof". Singapore has always been wet (hot or cold) so I am always open to such summery products, recalling how much I loved their Sun BB.

I think it lasted pretty much the same as their original Any Cushion formula, just that the coverage is not as good. Any Cushion has greatttt coverage and lasts pretty much like 8 hours on me, only that the SPF is slightly lower and it was more dewy. This one had a coverage which is somewhat like a tint…

Penang Street Food Affair at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant


Was invited to try Feast@East Buffet's Restaurant new spread of Penang street food a few days ago. Frankly I never had a taste for spicy food so I was on the edge about it before I went. Feast@East is a buffet restaurant inside Grand Mecure Roxy Hotel which usually serves an international spread of food. For a limited time only (till 15/6/14), they are dishing out popular Penang street food like Assam Laksa, Penang Kway Teow and a colorful array of desserts on top of some typical buffet dishes like fresh seafood and fruits.

Clean and bright setting 
DIY Rojak area
No buffet is complete without these! 
Fresh seafood upon your order

I especially loved how the colorful dessert area was adorned! 
I sampled a few of their specialities - Chilli Crab, Beef with X.O. Sauce, Steamed Beancurd with Oyster Sauce and Assam Curry Fish with Yam Rice. It was actually really good!
Beef with X.O. Sauce was one of my favourite meat dish at the spread
I thought this was really cute - an ice-kacha…