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[REVIEW] 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color in #305 Double Shot


Recently I was given some 3CE products to try and review by because they now carry this awesome Korean cult brand! Say goodbye to paying $20 for shipping :') Also, shop with faith on Luxola because you can trust that the products you're getting are authentic. Many blogshops these days carry 3CE too but for sure we can't testify for their authenticity, while some look downright fake. Ok now down to the review!

I've never tried their lipsticks, so I didn't know what to expect. Judging from reviews online, its a long-wearing color and is also very pigmented.

Edgy, black and so 3CE!
The bullet is kinda small as compared to my other lippies... or maybe the packaging was just excessively bigger.

This is the truest color swatch I can give. Its a bright, milky coral that leaves a slight stain after wearing off.
This lipstick is indeed, very pigmented and long-lasting! Its also super glittery, with glitters big enough to be seen. Its a ~my type~ of color but …

#SummerIndulgence with Tsubaki, Aqualabel & Senka


Last Thursday, I was invited to the launch of some products under Shiseido brands Tsubaki, Aqualabel and Senka at Coastes Sentosa! They are some products to counteract summer and protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. I've got to say, that they are the perfect type of products to be launched in Singapore because its summer all day err day here!

It was held in a beachy pubby restaurant, Coastes, in Sentosa and it was mildly warm there ~natural air~ Generally there were game booths where we could take home some samples of the brands, but I didn't take pictures due to bad lighting (or my bad camera that couldn't take photos in that sort of lighting). 
 Aqualabel introducing their Whitening Jelly Essence
Senka introducing their Mineral Essence UV
And Tsubaki introducing their Head Spa Sparkling Serum
The displays were veryyyyyy cute. Love the Senka sunblock one the most. Diggin' that mini chairs and sandy floor!

I've been trying the products since the next day…

Collective haul from March till now


*please bear with me as this is a pretty long rambly post on quite a lot of things to touch on :P*

I've been to Hong Kong in end March, and this is my (very controlled) haul! I tried to get more stuff that were not available in SG and also shopped a bit at Changi Airport's duty free. 
Missing a few but not many items from the picture
So basically I got:
1. 3 Concept Eyes Made me feel like I went to Korea instead! 3CE in HK can be found in most I.T. store and they recently opened a Stylenanda shop in Harbour City. The prices were very comparable to Korean prices (e.g. "paint lip gloss" was HKD119 ~USD15.40 while it is USD14.31 on the site) so it was definitely okay to buy it on your trip to Hong Kong. Always loved 3CE's colorful makeup so I went for those instead of face bases. I got: nail polishes, lip pigments and a blusher. Exactly, these are the names: 
Nail lacquer: NV01, BL04, GY08, MT01, PE02, OR01, RD02. Lip pigments: Modern White, Issue, Electro Pink,…