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First impression of YSL Rouge Volupte 15 Corail Extreme... & dupes


I had a very eventful week, and because I was feeling pretty happy, I hauled some stuff over the weekend and you would have saw it on my instagram. One of my very happy buys is the YSL Rouge Volupte in 15 Extreme Coral. I was swatching at the store, while deciding between their Rouge Volupte line and their Rouge Volupte Shine line. The latter made my dry lips look really sad, so I decided on this. Its a really creamy, pigmented and long-lasting lipstick. Even after half a day, it barely fades and if it does, it leaves a stain (love!). When I got home and happily showed it to my bro, him being the wet blanket as usual, said: I think you have similar colours right? I was like NOOOO but then I did a swatchfest and I found not one but three possible dupes for this. I still reallllyyyy love the lipstick, don't get me wrong! I just thought that wow, I really love this sort of color huh.

The Etude House Color Pop series was my favourite ever collection from them because there are man…

Chat: Eyebrow Makeup


First post of 2014! Which reminds me of how long I havn't posted anything. SO ANYWAY! HAPPY 2014!!!! May this be a beautiful year for everyone :)

Random rambling post - I wanna talk about eyebrow makeup. For the minimalist, its just an eyebrow pencil. For me, I like exploring the different items so I have a pencil (dayum forgot to picture it, but its Shiseido's Natural Pencil that I pictured here), a crayon type, a crayon type with chiselled tip, liquid type, eyebrow mascaras, eyebrow hair concealer (wtf but yeah) and eyebrow powder. I havn't gotten around trying a gel or wax type, because I thought it'll look too dark or too opaque. Generally the ones in a twist-up pen type are considered crayon type to me, due to its slightly waxy texture. Wax is often used to give that waterproof and oil-proof ability, but it smudges slightly in humid weather because heat melts wax. Nothing really disastrous though.

So for me, I like using a crayon type on the front part of my b…