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Budweiser Made For Music Festival 2013


Heads up! There'll be a super cool party at tomorrow showcasing local talents and aspiring singers to take the stage at one of Singapore's hottest music scene - Mansion @ Esplanade!

That's my awesome friend Mint on the top left! She'll be hosting this awesome event!
Day 1 (29/11): Performance Night where local artistes, Tay Kewei, Kevin Lester and Jonathan Leong will be performing on the 29th. They have also invited local band, LGF, that performs regularly at Switch, Shuffle and ROCKU weekly.  Day 2 (30/11): Final Showdown of Budweiser 'MADE FOR MUSIC' 2013 Singing Competition.  EIGHT finalists, who have submitted their works via the Budweiser Singapore Facebook Page, will be chosen to battle it out for the winning title!  The judging panel includes Tay Kewei, Kevin Lester, The Muttons & a representative from S2S recording firm. And if you havn't already known, Budweiser MADE for Music is celebrated in more than 85 countries and it kicked off with Jay …

Tis' the season


Omg its Christmas again soon. Personally, I don't exactly love Christmas, but I LOVE shopping when it comes to this festive season. Cosmetics brands release gift sets, Christmas editions and also limited and exclusive stuff! Here's some stuff that caught my eye.. and heart. My poor, poor weak heart for limited editions.

1. Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami collection
I'm a fan of Takashi Murakami, and a fan of Shu Uemura! What caught my eyes was the "lip & cheek fun-tasy" because there was a coral colour :3 I can never have enough coral stuff!!!

Soooooo cuteeeee omgggggg. This item is a piece of art.
I have it in the colour Princess Coral *strike this item off le Christmas wishlist* and I'm loving it! It applies matte so moisturize if you don't like it matte. It makes a nice blusher too! Omg. Fab item!

2. Dior Golden Winter collection
This is so freakin' gorgeous I would buy it to look at it everyday since I don't wear eyeshadows. Dear Dior pa…

[Pink Box August & September 2013] and some gifts from a friend!


Finally~ A video. What a pain editing videos... Anyways! I finally got to sharing the Pink Boxes from August and September. I always feel like if a post is TLDR, you can simply *listen* to the video to know more about the product.

So in this video, I did a really quick look with the products from both boxes. The &Rose series is REALLY PRETTY! I will update on swatches and a proper review post soon, so please watch the video in the mean time.

This was the August Pink Box containing:
Moistfull Collagen Cream + small First Essence Proof 10 eyeliner in Black Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 Nail & Body Painting in Cooling Pink A very cute plastic pouch with confetti inside! Very summery :)
And for September's Pink Box: & Rose Flowering Eyes & Rose Flowering Nails in Watery Rose & Rose Rosy Tint Lips in #5 Baby Peony & #8 After Blossom Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in BR404 Sunset Brown & BE103 Creamy Romance

Full list of products used in the video: Etude House M…