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Bio-oil now comes in 125ml!


I'm pretty sure you've heard about this miraculous product before, from the raves of your pregnant aunt, the praises from your friend battling with ugly scars and maybe also, commercials (lol). Bio-oil was first launched with the smallie 60ml bottle in Singapore, and now they launched a doubly-big one, in 125ml!

It contains PurCellin Oil which forms the easily-absorbed yet extremely moisturizing oil, and is fortified with Vitamins A & E and floral extracts. It is suitable for use on both face and body, and it is hypoallergenic so rest assured if you have sensitive skin :)

Bio-Oil contains extracts of Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile and Rosemary!
From the launch, I learnt that besides fading scars, there are other ways to incorporate Bio-Oil into your daily regime too! Here are some methods I thought would optimize the usage of Bio-Oil:

1. As a fake-tan lotion
Fake a tan, but be really moisturized! Simply mix some brown pigments (from a bronzer, blusher or eyeshadow) into …

[FOOD REVIEW] Ramen Champion


Was invited to a food tasting at Ramen Champion at Bugis+, to specially try the competitive ramens prided by two Japanese ramen masters. They fought, they battled, and competed - all the in the will of winning the Tonkotsu Ramen Champion title. Contenders are Mendokoro Aoi, headed by chef Kazuo Sakuraoka - with his weapon of springy ramen in his special broth that it light and does not contain the smell of pork bones, and Tonkotsu Itto, owned by Tokyo's number 1 ramen shop Menya Itto (this is the first branch outside Japan, btw!) - which stands by the traditional recipe of Tonkotsu ramen. Customers were given the power of a vote in deciding the fate of the titans, so who will emerge champion?

P/s: I don't know how to take nice pictures of food. Please do not mind :/ I have no sense of angles and like getting straight to the point :P

We were served an appetizer first, which is the Prawn Dipping Sauce with Crackers ($4) from Mendokoro Aoi. I loved it! Japanese crackers go rea…

[SWATCHES] Etude House XOXO Minnie Collection


I actually have 2 Etude House Pink Boxes to blog about, but I was more excited for this one. This series is a special collaboration between Disney and Etude House, and is exclusive to Korea. And I have to thank my special friend that sent all these products (and more) from Korea right to Singapore. Thank you soooo much Boyoon! (Boyoon is @newgreenconsumer on Instagram, and we just exchanged our first package!) I'll prolly post a review as I use them but here's some swatches of the beautiful products for now!

Top: Look At My Eyes Jewel BE104 Bottom: Look At My Eyes Cafe PK005
First up, two eyeshadows. The gold one is reeeeaaallly sparkly and pretty!!! Its a mix of gold and silver glitters in a peachy base. The pink is more of a dusty baby rose color, very suitable as a blusher for a natural finish. It has a bit of sheen, but nothing too obvious. The gold one is still pretty sparkly without a primer (picture fail) except that it falls out really easily. The pink one can't …

So much to say, so little time

Hi there!

Feelin snoozy with a neck pillow from Etude House lol

I felt for a blog update, but a personal one. My life has been pretty eventful. I joined a singing contest, hauled a lot of makeup and also hung out a lot. I have so many things to write on this little space of mine, but just not enough time.

I work a full-time job, which hours are 9am-5pm. Not very long hours, but its really draining. Even after work, I am too drained to do anything besides having a quick dinner, shower and heading to bed. On weekends, I try not to do work but I actually do. Its weird. I'm always afraid that I wouldn't have enough time to do something within working hours so I take them home on weekends to briefly do it. I just can't stop thinking (or should I say, worrying) about work. Maybe its because this is my first job and I didn't want to disappoint the very kind boss for giving me a chance. My job is actually being a secretary in an insurance company. Boy I didn't see that com…