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August 2013 round up


I've not been posting often -sorry- but I found the time to do a round-up post on my life in August; product hits and misses, some happenings and some other stuff I'd like to share~ Thank you so much for still coming by my space :)

One thing I can never stop doing is probably buying makeup (somebody tie up my hands please!!!) so here are some stuff that I tried, good and bad!

I have been religiously using O.P.I's Nail Envy on my toenails to strengthen them, as they always peel into layers and chip too (eew). Nail colours never last too. I would say that after using it for about a month, it WORKS. I bought it to just try, and to also be open minded about its effectiveness but I am gladly surprised by this. My nails don't peel or chip now! Not at all! 5 stars! Oh, and mine is in Original, but I would probably try the others when I'm done with this.

Another product I have been loving since I bought it is the Lavshuca Hand Figure Veil in Fairy Wood scent. It is des…