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[Pink Box July 2013] Etude House Bling In The Sea + others

Here's a long post! Hope its not tl;dr for you but I hope to provide a review as detailed as possible before you decide if you like the products ^^
This month's Pink Box contains: - Lash Perm All Shockara (OH YEAH) - Precious Mineral Any Cushion -Bling In The Sea Cheek Designing Brightener #01 Pink Beam -Bling In The Sea Proof 10 Bling Bling Eye Stick in GR701, OR201 -Bling In The Sea Sparkling Nails in #2 Magic Kiss
 Firstly, I wanna talk about these Proof 10 Bling Bling Eye Sticks. They're kinda like glitter creams packed in a twist-up stick, and not so much an eyeshadow because it only has glitters and not a base color. This product can be used several ways: as an eyeshadow base because its waterproof, as a tear duct highlighter, and also as an eyeshadow over dark colors. However, I felt that the glitters are slightly intimidating to me - I'm very afraid of glittered liners and stuff cos it goes into my eyes! So far so good for this. I have to control the urge to r…


At this point of time, this is what is on my mind - what is life? For the rich, life means enjoying. For the poor, life means working so they can enjoy. For the old and the sick, life means to cherish whatever time they're left with. For the young, life is to do whatever they want before their life is devoured by work and commitments. For me, life is ??????????????

I've not been feeling well recently. For some reason, my head throbs a lot. I always wonder if I won't survive the night since its a common sign for brain cancer. Lol you may think that I think too much but what if I really die the next morning? Hahahaha.

I suddenly feel that the world is so materialistic. So am I. Everything is material. The house. The room. The makeup. The clothes. The money.

Funnily, the thing I think about when I look out of my window is "wow, what a beautiful world where everyone is dying in". Its sad to think this way.

What happens to the things you love when you die? Things like…

[K-ANDY] B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore

K-pop fans can look forward to some celebrity-spotting in the month of August when hip-hop boy band B.A.P heads to City Square Mall on 7 August for the “B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore” press conference. Short for “Best. Absolute. Perfect”, this outstanding group of six talented members have won 15 rookie awards from around the world and were featured by the Grammy’s in their “Snapshot: Best of 2012” alongside Psy – an extremely impressive feat given B.A.P’s debut in 2012.  They will be performing at the Star Theatre on 8 August with Singapore as the final stop of their Asian tour. As the official shopping mall for the “B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore”concert, the SISTIC booth in City Square Mall will be the first to commence ticket sales on7 July 2013 at 10am,one day earlier than all other SISTIC outlets or online sales. The first 200 to purchase their tickets will receive an exclusive B.A.P poster during the pre-sale at City Square Mall. Be sure to grab your copy then! In addition to early…

[Pink Box June 2013] Etude House Color Pop


If you follow my Instagram, you would have saw May's Pink Box! (I always post the items on my Instagram first, so do follow @fennyhwang if you wanna have a preview of their latest stuff!) Its the Color Pop collection which is actually their pre-summer range. It consisted of colourful makeup items like eyeliners, nail colours, lip sticks and tints! And hehehehehehe can I say that this is my FAVEEEE collection Etude House ever released? I am a super fan of orange lip colours for the simple reason that they look fresh and happy, and I think I can pull it off. Their existing Dear My Lipstalk range  has some wonderful oranges (I own OR206) but it feels slightly heavy. Read on to find out why I prefer the Color Pop range more!!!

I did a simple look with the products - a bright summer-ish orange inspired one~ It makes orange really wearable and fun!

*for full list of products used, please check out the description box in the vid ^^
Ok~ now on to the review!~

This new range of orange …

First look: Etude House Bling In The Sea Cheek Designing Brightener #01 Pink Beam

What a pretty product! Will do a proper review soon! Oh and I am still backlogged on a Pink Box entry (May's Color Pop series) but I'll complete that post shortly! In the mean time, do check out my instagram (on the right bar on my blog) for the contents in the latest Pink Box! This is from June's Pink Box too~
Stay tuned! <3