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Pet Peeves


I've been meaning to blog about my pet peeves for awhile now, because I realised I was quite a sensitive person. Hehehehehehe its not in numerical order btw :P I actually have manyyy pet peeves but these 10 are the ones that makes me really hate the person. Okay maybe not hate, but just.. don't want anything to do with you. Here goes!

Thanks to you, precious minutes of my life have been wasted. Yay you! I could have done so much more during the times I wait for people and I totally get really angry when someone makes me wait too long. My max buffer time is probably 15 minutes. I'd understand if its 15 minutes but more than that is just too much. And I totally wonder why I bother to be on time when the other party takes me for granted. This has happened way too many times in my life :(

People touching me
I HATE PEOPLE TOUCHING ME. By touching I don't mean molest (LOL), I mean tap or like grab me. I hate being grabbed by my arm or tapped on my arm/shoulder/anywhere. For some reason it makes me really angry. Just call me ok?

General issues of oral hygiene/ etiquette
I give this a general term because I thought I'd group them together. I dislike people burping in my face, I dislike people chewing their food with their mouth open, I dislike people who have bad breath (and refuse to take the mint I offer!! Its free please just take it), I dislike people eating loudly, I dislike people who have a saliva web when then talk and I dislike people with stained teeth (not yellow teeth, but stained as in dirt or black/brown stuff or plague eew). Oral hygiene/etiquette is important people! Keep mints with you, brush your teeth daily and chew with your mouth close and I love you.

People making sarcastic/insulting jokes
I didn't think it was funny. It only made me dislike you heheheheh.

People that are troublesome
Did you really needed me to help? Or were you too lazy? What is the difference if I gave you a morning call and you set your own alarm to wake yourself up? YES, YOU'RE TROUBLING ME.

Blogs with "click to read more" or "continue here"
You know what I mean. Stop trying to tease with an abstract then make people click for the full article! Its irritating and I would leave blogs that are like this, straightaway.

People who act like they know me for 932765819 years
Hey I just met you, and I JUST met you, so don't link arms with me, cos I'm not your sista~ It happens a lot and sometimes its just hard for me to keep quiet and leave, so please don't make it hard for me.

Shameless self-promotion
I'm not targeting the people who leave nice comments on my blog and want me to check out theirs (I do check out the links you guys leave! Thanks~) but more like "Hey I wrote a review about blabla product too, read mine! -link-". You don't get to see them cos I filter my comments very efficiently so you can't advertise your blog on mine. Work for it babes. Don't be desperate.

I totally have a very accurate famewhore radar, I must say. Just to steer clear of them. I totally despise how they are so hungry for fame and they do all sorts of stuff to gain fame like bitching about others, doing attention seeking stuff etc and nothing else seems more important to them than that. I'm very lucky to have a circle of awesome blogger friends (they are linked, on my "friends" tab!) that are non-famewhores and don't value fame more than friendship etc. People love you more when you don't try too hard.

Excessive compulsive hashtaggers
Come on if your picture is nice it doesn't take all those tags to gain likes. I mean tagging with relevant stuff is ok but #ulzzang when you are clearly not good looking at all? #cute when you're not cute at all? PLEASE.

I'm a really sensitive person ain't I? Are you guilty of any? If you are, then I'm probably talking about you. PEACE OUT!


  1. Haha! I think I generally have the same pet peeves as you do.


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