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Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 + chance of a lifetime

I've got you covered on this! Fresh news! Asia's largest horror fest, Sentosa Spooktacular, collaborates with award-winning Thai horror film maker, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd (GTH) for this year's even more spine-chilling hair-standing (eyes-covering for me!!) event! GTH makes films like Coming Soon, Shutter, Body, Dorm and the latest Pee Mak (actually they make happy shows too, hehe) (oh and I cover my eyes whenever the commercial for Pee Mak comes on tv). Besides the usual trails and attractions, the event now features new trails set on themes of the popular horror flicks of GTH, and its gonna be so real that you feel like you're living in the movie.. and I wish I never do. HAHA. Okay, in all seriousness, its a super realistic event where your favourite award-winning movie horror comes alive, so be sure to check it out if you love those movies.
*I clearly remember Shutter being the most horror-fic movie I ever watched, and I've never watched any horror movies sinc…

[REVIEW] 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer #BonBon


I've tried most of the stuff in my haul, and I'm back with some reviews of the cosmetics (skincare stuff will take awhile longer ^^)

I got the Style Nanda 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer in Bon Bon because Show Time was out of stock :( I very much wanted Show Time because its a lovely bright colour! This was my second choice because I don't own any lip lacquer or lipstick in this colour at the moment. Its a cute little bottle that will fit most makeup pouches!
I like how its pretty nude but orange-y! Suits days with heavier eye-makeup :)
Without flash, cos I don't take pictures with flash anyway :P
Left: a thick swatch Right: a little bit of product, blended out.
The colour payoff is great!

Some images from their website for your reference. ^^
My take is that this is not exactly what I thought it was. I thought it would be creamy and pigmented and long-lasting. Turns out, it actually dries to a matte and overly powdery finish. Yes, its really pigmented and creamy for a…

[FOOD REVIEW] Mellben Legend Seafood


Thanks to Silver and also Kelvin Soon, we had an awesome meal at Mellben Legend! You might have recognized this as a popular place for crabs as we have a branch in AMK and also East Coast etc. The one that was at East Coast have now moved to a new and more centralised location: 9 Opal Road! Oh, and each branch is operated by a different sibling in the Soon family while the one that is now at Opal Road is manned by the original (and the best) chef, who also offers his exclusive specialty dishes at this branch. I live to eat, so I often choose only the best stuff to enter my tummy (I'm so spoilt) and this restaurant definitely was one of the best seafood places I've been to.

We were served with their specialties that night, which I totally understood why they are that famous now. They don't just go with the Singaporean flow and have chilli crabs or black pepper crabs, but they re-invent them to be creative fusion dishes that other places don't serve. Why always eat t…

Pet Peeves


I've been meaning to blog about my pet peeves for awhile now, because I realised I was quite a sensitive person. Hehehehehehe its not in numerical order btw :P I actually have manyyy pet peeves but these 10 are the ones that makes me really hate the person. Okay maybe not hate, but just.. don't want anything to do with you. Here goes!

Thanks to you, precious minutes of my life have been wasted. Yay you! I could have done so much more during the times I wait for people and I totally get really angry when someone makes me wait too long. My max buffer time is probably 15 minutes. I'd understand if its 15 minutes but more than that is just too much. And I totally wonder why I bother to be on time when the other party takes me for granted. This has happened way too many times in my life :(

People touching me
I HATE PEOPLE TOUCHING ME. By touching I don't mean molest (LOL), I mean tap or like grab me. I hate being grabbed by my arm or tapped on my arm/shoulder/any…

[FOOD REVIEW] Sarang Korean Bistro

I've been on a "food review" roll recently, but what to do, they're really awesome! I was invited to try Sarang's new additions to their savoury Korean menu last week, and lets say I was too happy...I meant my tummy. They just reopened on 17 April 2013, also improvising their menu and recipes. Their new tapas menu actually consisted of more fusion food, like Japanese style or European style Korean food. I've been a fan of Korean BBQ, but sadly those places get you smelling like smoke when you leave :( Sarang has a Gangnam Style (no pun ok hehehe) Bistro setting and even had their furniture and deco imported from Korea! Okok less talk, more pics! *note: the food pictured in this post may not be the actual serving size, as I was there in a small group. The serving is actually bigger hahaha.

We started off with a refreshing drink: Cucumber Soda ($6.80). It tastes like a fizzy cucumber >.< which is really cool because its not overly sweet (I hate sweet…