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[FOOD REVIEW] Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar @ ARC


Was happy to be invited to another food tasting session (thanks William!) and this is another awesome place that made me wanna go back for more. This place is called Onaka, which actually represents Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts. It started in 2008, where they aim to nurture a nutritionally balanced lifestyle yet bring out the most delicious and wholesome food in today's world that has gone artificial and processed. Face it, for the sake of convenience, we have been neglecting the importance of a healthy lifestyle, or atleast, I have. This restaurant serves Conscious Cuisine, a tango of Asian culinary cultures with modern Western influence.

They use all-natural ingredients without artificial additives, colourings, chemicals, flavourings, MSG and trans-fats. About 50% of the menu is vegetarian with special focus on Low Glycemic, Gluten Free and Vegan options. Also, no pork or lard is served in the restaurant. I think its a really good place for groups with some vegetarian …

Snap, Tag & Win shopping vouchers with Kaplan!


So recently, I've graduated from Republic Polytechnic! Well that meant a beginning of a new phase in life for me. I could move on to a university or work. Hehe okay anyway I'm gonna be talking about Kaplan's fun event to let you win $250 shopping vouchers (super awesome!!) just by snapping a pic with them at their roadshows and tagging yourself in their album. Sadly their last stop for poly was today and it ended, and you have until 15 June to vote for your friends by liking their picture or tag yourself in it and garner votes! Top 3 most liked pictures will win $250 shopping vouchers each. Easy right?! *I didn't get a picture today cos I was too tired to look good. Hehehehehe*

Kaplan offers full-time and part-time degree courses from reknown universities like Birmingham City U, Murdoch U, Royal Holloway U of London, Northumbria U, College Dublin (National U of Ireland, Dublin) and U of Portsmouth. I'm quite interested in their Communication & Media Stud…

Purina ONE #30daychallenge!


If you've been following my Instagram (which you should if you havn't, hehehe @fennyhwang) you would have seen that I feed stray cats around my house and also the ones that cross my path. Fact is, I'm not a crazy cat lady! I just show some love, that's all hehehe. Thanks to Purina, I got a month supply of their latest and tastiest Purina ONE Smartblend Salmon & Tuna flavor cat food! Thanks to the kind peeps at Purina, the cats I feed gets better health and better appetite. Not all the cats loves the previous brand of food that I feed to them, but ALL THE CATS SWARMED WHEN I GAVE THEM PURINA ONE. Omg. OH! And check out the double-layered packaging! It is to make uber sure that the food will be kept super fresh when packed. How nice!
Remember to feed responsibly if you're feeding stray cats! Use a plate/paper and remember to clean up after them to prevent pests from invading the area.  Purina ONE Smartblend is specially formulated by vets and nutritionists, u…

[Pink Box May 2013] Etude House Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB & CC Cream


So its been another month and that means its time for another Etude House Pink Box review! You would have seen in my previous Pink Box post that this time it contained the ravedddd about CC cream, and also their new Cotton Fit BB (and an eyeshadow quad! Which I havn't tried >.<). Here's a detailed review on which one probably suits you better and which you should.. try.

CC Cream in Glow

This CC cream comes out white and blends into your skin colour as you massage it onto your face (that would break the colour capsules), and it has the same consistency of their precious mineral BB creams; slightly gel-lish slightly thick. It feels slightly sticky but is realllyyyy moisturizing and it wouldn't crack or smudge when I'm in an aircon environment for long. This CC Cream comes in 2 version, Silky and Glow. Glow was included in the Pink Box and Silky was not. I'll do a comparison since I managed to try both!

Little brown capsules in white cream. They break apart …

[K-ANDY] Recent releases

Happy Sunday!

I've been pretty free recently to catch up on k-chart shows, and here are my fave acts that released something recently! Numbered in order, hehe.

5. Roy Kim - Spring Spring Spring/ Bom Bom Bom
I didn't like this song initially (cos I didn't really notice Roy Kim from Superstar K4) but the tune is pretty catchy and it feels like a light-hearted and happy song, which I like. Spring is an awesome season (says the Singaporean who doesn't even have seasons in her country) and I super love songs released about it! Love how light it feels~

4. Yoo Seung Woo - You & I
Another light-hearted song. I lovvveedd Yoo Seung Woo from Superstar K4 and I'm super happy he released a song! Always thought he had great potential as a singer, not to mention he looks really cute! In short, its the kind of song I like, the kind of voice I like. HE'S SO CUTE ISN'T IT!? Funny, I prefer cute guys than muscular K-pop beasts *cough Taecyeon*

3. David Choi - When I Was Y…

Current favourite cosmetic items~

Currently, these are my favourite cosmetic items that I musttt use when I use makeup. I think they're awesome stuff, and you totally should try them (at counters) to see if you fall in love with them too~

1. Etude House CC Cream in #glow
This was given by Etude House Global (but it doesn't affect my integrity of posting) and I didn't like it at the start. It was about a week since I used it, and I feel that my skin became slightly more moist and this product actually gives a healthy glow (not oily looking!) to my face. I'll write a more detailed review in my Pink Box post (CC cream, Cotton Fit BB & Dear My Blooming Eyes) but for now, just to let you know that I'm lovin' it~

2. Makeup For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder in #Ivory
Natural looking, not cakey at all, not drying, mattifying and super soft powder. What I don't like about it is that it doesn't last very long, no puff, and the container is big so I couldn't carry it out (I know I can tra…

[K-ANDY] 5th Korean Night Festival

Korean Night Festival is a yearly celebration of the Korean culture and arts held by a local Korean Language centre, Dae Han Education. Each year, there are different themes and games to let people who are interested in Korean culture learn more and also for the K-pop enthusiasts to stage performances. This is their 5th year of this event, and its slated to attract 600 visitors this year!  Like I mentioned that there are different themes each year, this year's theme is... Running Man! That's my favourite variety show now! There'll be booths where you can play games that were on Running Man, try on a hanbok and then take a picture etc. Also, there'll be kpop acts of dancing and singing so do come down and join the fun! I believe its an awesome event to enjoy the Korean culture, have a fun day out and also to make friends who have the same interests as you. 
1st June 2013, Saturday 6pm - 10pm Scape Warehouse Tickets @ $19 each

Do check out their website and Facebook page for …

[FOOD REVIEW] Cuisine Master Hotpot

Thanks Mint for bringing us all to try a new place along Boat Quay~

Cuising Master Hotpot is a new restaurant specializing in traditional hotpot savoured by the royalty only. Now we can enjoy what the royalty enjoyed in this new hotpot place along the river (its facing the river so its easy to spot)! I've always been a fan of hotpots (I lovveee soups~ yeahh~) and this is a brand new experience for me. There will be assistants to cook your food till optimum doneness and taste, while advising you the best way to savour it.

Special dining space with a view of Singapore's famous night scene!
We started off with fruits as the staff introduced that we have to eat fruits prior to other food during a meal, as the vitamins would absorb better as compared to starting off with food. P/s. I love their cutlery and crockery! Super well designed! 
This is a jue cup (爵杯) where kings and royalties use to drink (wine). The two mini mushroom looking things at the sides are to actually hold up th…