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[K-ANDY] M!Countdown Nihao Taiwan


I've been a loyal fan of k-charts and this is a chart that I religiously catch! Its M!Countdown but even better - the show went to Taiwan! Catch stars like SHINee, T-ara, Infinite, SISTAR, TASTY, U-KISS, Baechigi, Ailee, DalShabet, Davichi, Girl’s Day, K.Will and Teen Top on this special episode~

M!Countdown Nihao Taiwan channel M (StarHub TV Ch. 824/874, Singtel mio TV Ch. 518) 28th April, Sunday 9.00pm
I will definitely catch the show, for these artistes :P Davichi~ Ailee~
Do remember to catch this special episode and also check here out for more pictures of the concert

[Pink Box Apr 2013] Etude House AC Clinic Intense line


I've received March's Pink Box at the end of March actually, but I wanted to use it for awhile to write a better and more truthful review. So here it is~

It works really well!  Well I wanna put this before & after pic at the front of my post cos I was super awed by how fast and effective it is. Even the pores around the acnes seem to be smaller!
Items in the box includes AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot & Red Spot Balm, also a bag of gifts (Fashion Queen Denim nail set, toe seperator and a Pearl mask) from the ever lovely Miss Min~

Sorry about the picture quality as I ripped it from my Instagram >.<
I have 3 or 4 new pimples clustered together on my left cheek after coming back from HK (sigh, climate change back to the humid SG) and I was too happy to receive the box. Its like they heard my trouble and sent this specially to me :')
The AC Clinic Intense Pink Spot Powder set comes with a small Pink Spot Powder water and a packet of cotton buds which has a…

[K-ANDY] K-pop 101

Hi~ Welcome to yet another K-ANDY (Korean eye/ear candy) post!

Do you know that 2NE1 trained for 4 years before they made their debut in 2009? I do!

Do you know the title of 2PM's debut album? I do!

Do you know all about Kpop idols like Bigbang and Girls' Generation? Hmm.. Maybe not a lot :P

If you are a k-pop fan, you would have known of channel M (formerly tvN) as one of the leading channels that brings you the latest kpop updates and music videos! Whether you are all about Kpop or know nothing about it, channel M is now introducing a new show that lets you learn more about different idols each week, K-pop 101! You can catch the show:

Every Tuesday, 8.30pm on channel M (Starhub TV ch 824 or Singtel Mio TV ch 518 in HD)

These are the episode rundown (first episode aired on 2nd April):

Episode 1: Girls’ Generation Episode 2:  SUPER JUNIOR Episode 3: SHINee Episode 4: 2NE1 Episode 5: Bigbang Episode 6: 4Minute Episode 7: Sistar Episode 8: 2PM Episode 9: CNBlue Episode 10: Beast

Be sure to …

Etude House Ice-Cream Nails


(March's Etude House Pink Box is a skincare set, so I will need to use it for awhile longer to write a more truthful and detailed review ^^ stay tuned!)

Following the success of Sweet Recipe's cuteeeeee ice-cream shaped nail polishes comes the ones without sparkles! This series have a more milky and sweet colour like an ice-cream would have, just without the chocolate chips and all hahaha. So here's some swatches! I'm missing OR201 :(

L-R: PP501, PK001, BL601, GR701, BE101, OR202, BR401.
My favourite colour is the blue! Its so Tiffany!
Please pardon the messy swatches cos I had glitter gel nails below :P
But anyways, the blue and pink applied best, while the others looked pretty streaky on first coat, especially the yellow. Maybe cos the other colours were lighter so it explains. The blue (which is actually pretty much like a turquoise) is soooo Tiffany which is an awesome colour! Check these out at your local Etude House when you have the time :)

[K-ANDY] Akdong Musician


I'll be starting a series of posts under K-andy (which is K-pop ear/eye candy, LOL) and they can be a song, a singer/performer or even tv shows that I personally like. So I'm gonna start with a new muse of mine - Akdong Musician! ~even though I don't watch SBS K-pop Star~ In fact, I just saw their video through the related videos function and I fell in love. Super glad that they won the show cos they really deserved it.

Akdong Musician are siblings Lee Chan Hyuk (1996, so he's 17 OMG) and Lee Soo Hyun (1999, SHE'S 14 OMG *faint*) and they moved from South Korea to Mongolia two years ago. So they're Koreans, actually. They are currently my fave duo and are soooooo young, what a bright future ahead. Now the question is, which agency will this newly famed duo join? Hehehe.

Check out their songs below! My faves are Foreigner's Confession (what a cute song!!) and Officially Missing You (I loved Geek's version, but theirs are awesome too!) and I've be…

Cat Store Cat Cafe 阿貓地攤


So I was back from HK about a week ago (SOBS) and I've been to quite a nice cat cafe!!! I swear this was the first place I put into my itenary because OMG, CATS! It's called Cat Store Cat Cafe or Ah Meow Cat Cafe (阿貓地攤). We (mummy, bro & I) went there on a Saturday night after shopping around Causeway Bay, and boy it was like finding a needle in a haystack!!! We spent about an hour rounding the area to find out it was actually really nearby -.- No thanks to the shop assistants in the tens of shops that we asked directions from.

But anyway, thank goodness there were seats! I thought cats are generally more active in the night so we decided to go there after 6pm. You know, cat cafes can surprise you pleasantly or terribly since cats have minds of their own and may not go to you when you call them. The cats there were quite selective and kinda egoistic, not giving a damn about humans and just walking around, sitting where they want etc. Most people go to the cats than cat…