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Love, not Litter

What. The. Hell.

I'm was quite angered regarding what I saw this morning. Somebody fed a stray cat, which I thought was a kind gesture but as I went out and returned, it was left like this. Seriously??? I swear I felt my hair stand looking at the amount of huge red ants. Look, if you really love the cats, please clear up after they are done eating or somebody in the neighbourhood would call the authorities or something, and the cats in the area face the danger of culling. Leaving leftover cat food attracts pests, and it is because of your irresponsible action. One day when you find your favourite neighbourhood cat gone, please feel guilty because it was caused by people like you.

I love feeding stray cats myself, and I love the cats near my house. Please treasure them as well if you want to feed them. It's really easy being a responsible cat feeder that cats love and the neighbourhood appreciates!

1. Feed with a (disposible) plate, or atleast try to. Cats may accidentally eat easily torn materials like tissue or newspaper (which ink is toxic when consumed), and plastic bags are a hazard as well. And NEVER, EVER, put food directly onto the ground. This is where it leads to leaving food debris on the floor and pests come. Plus, how would you like it if I made you eat off the ground, than a plate? LOL

2. Wait for the cat to finish eating, or be done with the food, clear up and bin it, then leave. Leaving stuff on public grounds is regarded as littering, and they carry a fine. 

If you truly love cats and feeding them, please be a responsible feeder. I can't imagine if one day my favourite kitten that's around my house, disappears.

Look, I'm a street cat but I eat off a nice plate! *proud*
This was a cat in HK :)


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