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Etude House Men: Moment St.

I know, I'm really random. But here's a post on Etude's products for guys called Moment St.! It consists of 3 hair gels/wax and 2 bb creams. Not exactly a review post, but just to let you know how the products are like since I'm curious about them myself, especially the bb creams.

1. Matte Mohican hair clay
Matte and hard clay type. For short and medium length hair.
Holding power: 5/5

2. Natural Two Cut
Creamy gel to create natural volume on medium length hair.
Holding power: 3/5

3. Shiny Dandy
Wet and glossy finish for short to medium length hair.
Holding power: 5/5

The hair wax/gels comes in a cute hat shape hahahhahaha which imo is so unmanly >.< 

4. Good Guy BB Cream SPF35
Moisturizing BB cream with sheer and natural coverage, and a slightly dewy finish.

Texture is similar to Precious Mineral BB cream.

5. Bad Guy BB Cream SPF35
Full coverage BB cream which controls oil and keep face shine free, aka matte.

Lil review on the BB creams! I tried the Bad Guy BB on…

Gimme a moment!


I've been really really really busy with school so here's a really short update for my little hiatus. I'm having exams recently as its the end of my Polytechnic education *throw confetti* but I'm still reading and replying comments, just don't have enough free time to really post quality stuff. I have some plans coming up though!

1. Etude House Pink Box of Feb 2013
I'll be making a vid for this so stay tuned :) it contains sweet stuff from their latest Sweet Recipe collection! (Super overdue vid of Jan's Pink Box will be up soon >.< this is how time is so much constraint for me >.<)

2. Kpop performance
I'll be singing some Kpop songs at Scape on 26 Feb, Tue, between 7-9pm and on 2nd & 3rd March, Sat and Sun, somewhere between 1-6pm >.< More details soon! Meanwhile, you can suggest me some songs to sing cos I guess I'll be singing around 6-8 songs in total.

3. Day-to-Day skincare routine
Will have a post on this!

4. Music Fo…