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Etude House Sweet Recipe!

*I've blogged about Sweet Recipe swatches and reviews here! Click here!*


Omg Etude House is too fast with all the new releases! I'm still loving the Etoinette series and already here's a new collection with the introduction of new faces for the brand, Sulli & Krystal of f(x)!

Items in this collection are:
Secret Recipe
Chocolate Smudge Liner (heart shaped choc!!)
Chocolate Eyes (choc bar eyeshadow)
Cupcake Eyes (dual baked eyeshadow)
Choco Chip Cookie Pact (powder which looks lika choc chip cookie!)
Cupcake All Over Colour (peach tin)
Candy Stick (candy cane!!)
Baby Choux Base (base in a jar)
and the continuation of their lipstalk line, Dear My Jelly Lipstalk!

Some products look really familiar, like how Cupcake Eyes is an existing product but with a different name and different shades. The Baby Choux Base looks like one of their peach base from their pioneer line as well (you would have remembered if you were an Etude fan from then, as it was a really popular prod…

Meet Aaron Yan in Singapore!


My dear idol4eva since he debuted, Aaron Yan (known to be in Fahrenheit) is coming to Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this time, he brought Becky! Who is Becky?! *I specially took a day off to go for his event, ahem*

Becky is a new series of masks, available in 7 different uses and MY AWESOME IDOL is endorsing it! Check out But Becky Singapore Facebook page for their latest updates!
Can't wait to see him!!! And this is my favourite song from his new album, The Moment. *super touching omg T.T*

*I know I sound super dramatic in this post, but that's cos I really really really.. super love Aaron :P So show him and But Becky masks your support!

Samsung launches Asia's FIRST Samsung Mobile PIN in Singapore!~

*image credits: Samsung
I attended Samsung's launch for Asia's first Mobile PIN and Singapore is the first country in Asia to have it~ It is generally a new interactive consumer experience space (something lika pop-up store) that was first launched at the London Olympics 2012 with the theme "Your World Without Walls"! Get to experience Samsung's award winning mobile devices including the GALAXY Note II LTE, GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE, GALAXY S III LTE & the super new and awesome GALAXY camera!

Local singer-songwriter Olivia Ong (omg dig that stylish stockings!)
"Wonderland" is a project collaboration between local (pretty and awesome) singer-songwriter, Olivia Ong, Samsung, and her fans, on a journey of inspiration that leads to the creation of a song for the Wonderland project! She captures moments and inspirations that goes into the composition of the song with a GALAXY Note II LTE and also... her fans would be part of the composition too! Yes, this…

[Pink Box Jan 2013] Etude House Etoinette Collection

Yep, its official! Just gotten my first Pink Box from Etude House sometime before Christmas for review purposes! Thanks a lot Etude House Global for choosing me as a Pink Bird!

Etude House is a leading brand in Korean cosmetics and skincare, and they go by the concept of Makeup Play which encourages girls of all ages to have confidence with creative makeup. They have more that 350 stores in Korea and 150 stores overseas, which makes them easily accessible in most countries. As a major fan of Korean makeup, I am always excited when Etude House releases new stuff (are you, too?) because its always so interesting and cute! (I'm not a cute person but I can't resist cute stuff!)

Thanks Etude House Global!
Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PPK002
"A glossy, pearl-based lipstick made with French Royal Jelly extract that creates soft, moist lips."
Swatched on my lips! Pretty colour + moisturizing + awesome light rose smell! PK002 is one of the featured colour of this series so yo…



As we all know, masks is a never-dying trend and they keep coming out with new and better formulas for it. Mask sheets are also really convenient for busy people (like me :P) because you just throw them away after each use. Everyone needs to use masks to keep their skin in tip-top condition, and I'm no exception :P

Masketeers recently brought in an awesome brand - Vanedo! Yes, they're a Korean cult mask brand that is very popular in Korea, so I was really excited to try them out!

My personal favourites are the Snail essence one (moisturizing + firming + lifting), EGF essence one (moisturizing + brightening + firming) and SYN-NAKE (quick moisturizing) ones as they're verrrrryyy effective ingredients used in masks nowadays. I usually try them rather than normal fruity ones cos these are infact, more effective. Definitely gonna get more snail ones cos snail secretion actually softens and heals acne scars really well besides regenerating skin cells, yay!

Some English inform…

Resolutions 2013


As everyone has a resolution in 2013, here's mine! And nope, I'm not wishing for a boyfriend cos it comes naturally doesn't it?

1. I need a getaway.
Currently looking at Hong Kong, in March? I know, I've been there twice and my parents are like why do you need to go there so many times? Cos I need a break from all that studying in SG! Anw I'm graduating in Feb, so I don't see a problem. >.< But you see, my parents are always over-worried and over-protective, so its hard to convince them even when they promised me at the start of my poly education (Ikr, promises are meant to be broken on their part, always) so yeah, convincing in progress. This is my most urgent and most desired resolution this year! Muahaha

2. Get a job?
Hahahahahahahahaha a job, a fulltime job. Best to be in the creative industry! Cos I loveeee creative stuff.

3. Erm. Better blog?
Every year I'm trying to improve my blog, in every aspect and I hope my reviews so far helped you! A…