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This Christmas

Hi~ *random post*

Frankly, this has gotta be the most hectic Xmas season yet. Its the year end and I have A LOAD OF WORK to do because I'm graduating soon! You know, how the final lap is always the most tedious but also the most rewarding.. Briefly, I am doing photography, production, interactive entertainment and sound modules so yea, pretty technical stuff.

But of course, besides work, I also have fun! One of the more major fun this season is joining the cousins* for a pyjamas xmas party (which unexpectedly had Running Man included..) Partnered ANdyStorm (cuffed tgt with some paper strips) for Running Man, and omg my legs were breaking and the fear of breaking the cuffs. Didn't take any transport at all to complete our tasks cos we thought there'd be our (friendly) competitors there to tear our paper cuffs >.< Managed to complete 2/3 of the tasks, before we were ambushed by 3 (or was it 2 haha) other teams :( Something worth mentioning was that we actually broke ou…

[SWATCHES] Etude House Surprise Concealers

Just thought I'll share these since they just arrived in Singapore! ^^

1. Surprise Essence concealer
I have the previous version! Not too bad a concealer, just that I seldom use it because I'm using another one (Canmake's!). Pretty good coverage. I'm not sure if there's a difference in the formula, but the applicator is definitely different! Comes with a cute ball tip :3 as compared to the previous doe foot. Interesting!

I'm using #2
Cuter than before! :3
2. Surprise Stick concealer
Same formula as previously I guess?

Better coverage, but higher chance of being cakey and dry. Not so suitable for concealing the undereye area though it provides better coverage.
3. Surprise Concealer Kit
Comes in 2 variants: one for blemishes, one for undereye circles. As these are relatively new products they didn't use to have in their concealer range, thought I'd talk more about it. I bought the one that conceals the undereye darkness cos I need 'em :( It was too …

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar


Gonna be doing a review about an item that I've been using recently... Holika Holika's Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar in #02 Orange Kiss! I know its a pretty old product >.< But due to my recent obsession with lip tints, I succumbed >.<

Its a really cute and affordable product which would look good in the makeup bags of all young girls *ahem im old* and works pretty well too!

Encased in a pretty translucent turqoise plastic.
 And look! The tint is translucent too!!!!!!!!!! SO COOL. It has bits of glitters inside.
The Korean website said to place it on your lip for awhile for it to melt, then smooth it over lips. Applies light pink, but it gets more and more pink over time. The glitters are hardly visible. (Taken with my iphone's front camera thus the bad quality sorry >.<)
It lasted for about 3 hours, with eating and drinking. Reasonable. Also, it has this candy smell! Like those lipstick candies kids love >.< It has this minty sensation which I beli…

A collective haul


I think I spent a lot on cosmetics recently, so I'm trying not to buy anymore now because I can't finish them! But anyway, here's what I bought from Sept - present.

Stuff that Mad helped me to get from Korea!
Etude House: Proof 10 eyeliners in black and purple Dear Darling neon tint in pink, orange, magenta Acetone free nail polish remover Help My Finger matte top coat Dr. Lash set Dear My Blooming Lipstalk OR206
Holika Holika: Pig-nose clear blackhead strips Pig-nose clear blackhead steam starter Pig-nose clear blackhead 3 step kit Medi-Medi magnesium pack Heartful Lipstick Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar Eyelove proof waterproof browcara
Tony Moly: Cats Wink BB cream Cats Wink green base Cats Chu lipgloss
Skinfood: Apricot shea butter lip care bar Honey pot lipbalm Green coffee lipscrub
(Not pictured): Etude House Help My Finger Diamond UV top coat Baviphat Silky V-Line pack Etude House Baking Powder Pore cleansing foam Etude House Collagen daily mask
About $280SGD :( (inc…

[SWATCHES] Etude House Face Designing Brightener


Also (again) part of the Lovely Doll Collection by Etude House, is this super lovely looking highlighter! It was a new shade in addition to an existing product, which is the Face Designing Brightener. The first one was actually a light beige shade, which gives a soft focus kinda highlight and it looks super natural! Not that it isn't pigmented, it was more of a buildable kind of colour.

The one on the left is the initial shade which is "smooth face" and the one in a lovely lavender colour is in the shade "dolly face".
Here's a swatch!
When swatched heavily, and when blended out.
#dolly face is definitely brighter than #smooth face.

It gives a nice sheen! I feel that the pieces of glitter are reaaaaally small and that makes it really natural! Personally, I don't use highlighters a lot, but a lighter shade of foundation as it gives a super natural tint instead of glitters. I tried this for a few days and it actually brightens my complexion! Not that…