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Etude House Christmas Miracle collection

So Etude House has this Christmas Miracle collection in Singapore! But why am I not seeing it on its website..? Hmm.....

But anyways, it was released about a week or two ago, together with the Missing U season 3 owl hand creams (which will prolly be in another post)! It includes 2 eyeshadow compacts with 6 colours each, 2 sets of nail polish trios and 2 new lip colours to the lipstalk line, but with a silver ribbon instead of pink! And yes, all these are limited edition :) I got everything in this collection covered in this post, so check them out! ^^

First three are the actual colours, while the last two are glitters layered over the solid colours ^^
1. Christmas Tree (above) ($14.90) Contains a red with reeealllyy tiny gold glitters, Golden Bell from Look At My Party Nails collection and Firework from Look At My Party Nails collection.
2. Holiday Miracle ($14.90) Contains a glossy baby pink, Peach Punch from Look At My Party Nails collection and also Mirror Ball from Look …

Etude House Etoinette Collection

So these are the pretties from Etude House's Etoinette collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg can't wait for them to be in SG so I could have a closer look at their prettiness >.< *names of products are linked to Etude's product page fyi
L-R Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Etoinette Heart Blusher (OMG PRETTY) Etoinette Heart Highlighter Etoinette Crystal Powder Etoinette Versailles Nails
L-R Etoinette Rose Brush Etoinette Lovely Perfume Candle Etoinette Bubble Bath Bar Etoinette Brush Collection Etoinette Princess Pouch
L-R Etoinette Princess Mirror Etoinette Princess Hair Brush
Seriously, Etude? The ones in super princessy jars are too cute!!! I'll DEFINITELY get the rose brush and crystal powder when it comes out in Singapore. Also maybe the bubble bath cos I love bubble baths >.< and that said, a candle to go with it? >.< You hurt my wallet, Etude pretty stuffs!
Psst.. Be sure to check out the designs for the versailles nails set and lipstick shades, SUPER PRETTY.

[REVIEW] Iconic foundation applicators from Korean brands


Recently I found out that my stash consisted of a few iconic foundation brushes or applicators, which claim to apply foundation/bb creams really well. Here's a little table of comparison on their performance and stuff.

Brand/ Product Etude House Real Hand Touch Applicator The Face Shop Face It LESSON 01. Circle Face Brush Holika Holika Roller Puff Missha Foundation & Concealer Brush Price (SG stores) $69.90 (with BBdation), $10.90 for 2 refill puffs $21.90 $3 $12.90 Performance Applies BB creams and foundations evenly, but remains like a film on the surface of your skin Dense bristles angled at 35 degrees, buffs liquid foundation and BB creams for a flawless finish
Application of powder
*do not mix using powder with liquid foundation as the bristles will harden Smoothes out foundation & BB cream onto skin evenly, does not feel heavy because sponge absorbs excess Able to apply heavily, but leaves obvious streaks. Have to be buffed with a duo-fibre bru…