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[SWATCHES] Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Pencils

Yay! These beautiful babies have washed ashore (lol) and are available @ Etude House in Singapore now for just $12.90! If you haven't already noticed, Etude House in Singapore is now under Amore Pacific (since a few months back) and they have adjusted the price to be more reasonable and closer to Korea's than before! And yep, these are part of Etude House's Lovely Doll Doll collection ^^

When swatched:

BK801 Starry Night Black
BK802 Monster Black
BK803 Battle Grey
BR401 Chocolate Show
BR402 Dolly Brown
BE101 Moonlight Vanilla
BE102 Dolly Gold
PK101 Starlight Pink
RD301 Wine Bang Show
GR701 Wild Khaki

The RD301 is currently my fave! :) A really unique yet wearable colour.

I tried it at work today and here's a really simple review:
-Glides on REALLY smoothly!
-Great staying power without smudging onto lower lids!
-Great value for such a product! Really!
-Water resistant, meaning water-based makeup remover will not suffice.
-10 beautiful colours! Would buy all of them if I could!

Some stuff which I think could make the product better:
-Could have had a smudger on the other end rather than nothing at all! >.< The Face Shop's Make Me Star waterproof gel liner pencil has a smudger and I'm a happy user. I use my shiny pink one as an eyeshadow and I believe the same can be done with Etude's, only if it came with a smudger rubber tip thingy.
-Has to be sharpened constantly for defined lines which may be a bit inconvenient. The lead is soft so it gets blunt really fast.
-Because its a gel formula, it may dry up (not entirely though). I think it'll not be as smooth to glide on over time but I think sharpening it to remove the top layer should do the trick ;)

Do check them out! Definitely a great product yet again from Etude :)


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