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Random update

*my hair looks damn dry but its just the photo quality hehe
I've been down with fever for a few days now :( Been hydrating myself a lot and just a random update post with random pictures. Hehh

I've been doing really random stuff recently, like getting sick suddenly and that made me unable to work for 2 days and missed the live finale of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia which I've been watching for some time now :(((((

A blurry pic of most of my makeup. Been organising them but I feel it got more messy :( Korean and Jap makeup are like the worst kind of temptation that makes me surrender my money to them, and I really have to stop this!!!!!!
Thai chicken rice from downstairs my house. I lovvvveee it.
250,000KRW. Super thanks to my store manager who is helping me to buy stuff from Korea ^^
Recent nails.
Walked past Bugis Street which I've not been to for atleast a year. Wao ww
Fact: I'm a gross person. I don't like wrappers and litter lying around my table to I try to c…

[SWATCHES] Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk

I was bored, so here are swatches of all the colours from the Dear My Blooming Lipstalk line. 8 oranges, 8 pinks, 4 beiges and 4 reds.

L-R: OR201 Startling Coral OR202 Joyous Coral OR203 Satisfied Coral OR204 Bashful Coral OR205 Excited Orange OR206 Wonderful Orange OR207 Refreshing Orange OR208 Nervous Orange
I LOVE OR206!!! OR207 & OR208 are also my eyecandies :D
L-R: BE101 Worrisome Beige BE102 Sleepy Beige BE103Yearning Beige BE104 Strange Beige RD301 Lonely Red RD302 Furious Red RD303 Fantastic Red RD304 Thrilling Red
Strange Beige is indeed a strange beige because it looks more red than beige o.o
L-R: PK001 Happy Pink PK002 Angry Pink PK003 Jealous Pink PK004 Breathless Pink PK005 In Love Pink PK006 Disgusted Pink  PK007 Affectionate Pink PK008 Sweet Pink
Disgusted Pink?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How does this poor chap look disgusted? :( Is it me or do all the pinks look pretty similar hehe. I'm wearing PK004 in my blog's banner! ^^

 That's me ㅋㅋㅋing at some of the names.

[REVIEW] Etude House BB dation + Real Hand Touch Special Kit

Thanks to Sky for getting this BBdation from Korea for meh! This is part of Etude House's Lovely Doll Doll collection ^^

From the box:

-BBdation - Revolutionary Formula
BBdation, a new revolutionary face make-up product that combines the perfect seamless fitting of BB Cream and luminous coverage of Foundation, its formula contains mineral powder coated with Hydro Essence Gel that nourishes and brightens complexion. Application of this makeup makes skin appear healthier, smoother, and dramatically refined.

-Real Hand Touch - Revolutionary Applicator
Real Hand Touch, a revolutionary applicator for BBdation. Simply push the button to experience the applicator's sponge glide effortlessly across skin for seamless blendability and perfect coverage. Also comes with the benefit of 8,500 micro-vibrations for healthy stimulation and soft and supple skin.

Both the BBdation and the applicator comes in a box like this!
Has SPF40, whitening & anti-wrinkle like other Etude BB creams and …

Orange blushers

So awhile ago, I got a request to do a comparison between my orange blushers. I can't hide my love for orange makeup (although it's pink on my blog banner) and I especially love orange blushers and lip colours because I believe that pink doesn't belong onto my face. I have only a few orange blushers though, because they are so intense and I feel like I won't meet a better companion than them so here are swatches! And they are the most accurate swatches I got ^^

L-R Canmake Powder Cheek PW05 MUJI orange 01 (block type) Melliesh Tan Orange Candydoll Carrot Orange Etude House Tangerine Cream Chou in Tangerine

My tangerine cream choux is in a contact lense casing cos I had a sample sachet that had too much product in it, and I already did a review on it! Supa luv <3
Canmake's Powder Cheek is a grapefruit colour - orange yet pink, but more pink.
Melliesh's Tan Orange is a little on the pink side also. I used to use it very often but no longer so :(


Hihi! I've been changing my nail colours pretty often recently, heh.

Sheer orange Silver mixed sizes glitter

Jelly orange x Jelly pink Chunky glitters Brother's galaxy pants hehhhh
Chalky pastels
Purple tips Gold lining
Magnetic grey
Magnetic grey, red, purple, green Matte top coat
Bright pink Chunky gold glitter Gold trimming

All nail polishes here are from Etude House! I wouldn't exactly call this nail art as the designs are really simple. Namely, there's the Petit Darling orange and pink, the Lucidarling glitters, Dear My Cotton Candy pastels, Mini French gold glitters, Juicy Cocktail purple set, Dear My Blooming pink and the Magplay series. I don't remember exactly which is what but you can leave a comment if you wanna know, and I will find out for you hahaha. 
Have fun with your nails too!

New buddy

I got a Diana F+ for ma birthday!!! From Angie & Conan!!!

This was one of my eye candy while looking for an analog cam (another one would be the Diana Mini with a kitty on the scroll, for obvious reasons :P). I wanted something black, and have been bugging my friends to tell me more about lomography since they're pretty pro at it. Both Angie and Conan have one and its like I can't wait for them to develop their roll each time. Can't wait to be free (enough) to get films and explore the endless possibilities of this camera! Excitement at each click hahahahahahhaha. Swear I was so shocked when I saw that they bought me this for my birthday. Super happy! To an amazing time with Black Jack!


La Sardina will be having an exhibition - The La Sardina Wardrobe Tour! It's gonna display cool designs of the sardines-can inspired camera à la British parlour game "Sardines", and YOU can be part of it too! Just thought this is a pretty interesting event so I shared…