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[REVIEW] Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara & Lash Perm Mascara Cleaner Tissues


It's a double review of a mascara & cleansing wipes in the same series!

Recently I ordered the new mascara from Etude House which is "Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara" and it came with some mascara cleansing wipes called "Lash Perm Mascara Cleaner Tissues". It's part of Etude's new series, the Lovely Doll Doll collection.

As usual, my purchase came with lots of freebies (also because its a compensation for missing out one of my previous order, heh)

Text on the box says:
With its breakthrough adjustable dial, 3 Step Volumecara provides 3 settings for 3 volume looks in 1 mascara, letting you customize your own lash style!
Step 1: Defined, clean volume
Step 2: Full, glamorous volume
Step 3: Dramatic, smoky volume

I'm not a mascara person, but the dial thing just makes it super interesting! I was like "I HAVE TO GEDDIT" when I first saw the ad somewhere. Frankly I don't really care about the using mascaras at all cos I have short lashes…


So many things I wanna do, and I'm striking out thing by thing as days fly by. Sometimes it feels like I'll never make it. It feels like I'm walking on the shore, where my footsteps wash away with time. Yes, I'm moving forward but everyone has a time where they feel that its not enough, it doesn't matter and they feel like giving up. It's that little bit of strength that gets me pass each day, that wears thin by the ending of each day and is refreshed again the next morning. Survival. 19.
Birthday wishes (in no order):
1. I want to have better self discipline Buy lesser stuff that I want, do lesser stuff that I want and focus on things that I need.
2. I want a cat I just said that I want to focus on stuff that I need instead of want, but I've been doing some research. I feel that I'm prepared to have a cat :P
3. I want to sleep more regularly Yes I need more 8 hour sleeps in the night.
4. I want to get pass my last sem of poly life! The last semester f…