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Hi! It's been too long since I did a review!! hahaha

So anyway, I've been trying out foundations *cough MUFE HD foundation cough* and I found this sachet in my sample stash! Lovingly given to me by :D They give me the best samples each time I buy a product. And again, this is not a sponsored post.

#21, Natural Beige
The HERA HD foundation was highly raved by my fave YouTuber, Catalina aka cl2425 and she uses it a lot in her videos. For the review I'm about to do, its on someone whose skin is pretty bad and has a lot of scars etc, aka... ME. Catalina has almost flawless skin so this foundation works well with her.

This foundation did not work well for me. I used it when I went to Sentosa on a super humid day and yeah it didn't last. Hahaha sorry I put it to the extreme test on the first day :P Played a lot that day and was out from noon to night. I've used this for a few days (also in not-so-extreme weather hahaha) and this is my littl…

Wanna try the ultimate face slimming tool?


I'm gonna introduce a revolutionary product that slims face immediately!! I'm usually not convinced by something till I try it and OMG IT FREAKIN WORKS. (I know I'm speaking like a high pig but I can't contain my excitement!) I went to Mint's house last weekend and got to try the "Magic Wand", exclusively brought in by Hankook Cosmetics!

Good news for everyone at the end.. hehe

So I tried for myself that using its hot and cold technology, it slims one's face immediately and also enhances skincare products that you use! Heat enlarges pores while coldness shrinks pores. So when you use any skincare products like creams or stuff like that, it doesn't really work cos your pores at room temperature are often small and closed, therefore not absorbing your skincare product. So when using this Magic Wand, you should use the hot side first to open your pores, massage in your skincare product and then use the cold side to close your pores. Also, it'…

Buy & Sell Hello Kitty plushies!!

Hahaha okay so I received over 10 emails on whether I have an extra Macdonald's Hello Kitty to let go or not. Fact is that I didn't buy any >.< So I decided to create a blog post where you Kitty collectors can interact and hopefully get a reply from a potential buyer/seller. Simply comment on this post! :)

Begin your comment with WTB (want to buy) or WTS (want to sell) for easier reference!