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NOTW: 19.05.2012

Nails of the week: Etude House Petite Darling Nails HD Beam BL505 Ocean Blue *pictured: 2 coats

Gonna start doing NOTW posts and it'll be out every Sunday! :D

Hello Kitty is back in Macdonald's!!!

*WTB or WTS? Look HERE

Good news for all Hello Kitty fanatics! If you havn't already know, Hello Kitty is returning to Macdonalds in Singapore!!!!!!!!!! (If you also remember how popular Hello Kitty is in Macdonalds.. hehe) I remember there was one time where they had the couple Hello Kitty plushies in different suits and their popularity was exploding! Literally. I had my eyes on the ones in spacesuits but I never got them :'(

Here's the whole series! There's a total of 4 so it isn't a lot to wait for! (for all you Hello Kitty fanatics.. I know waiting can be torturous!)
L-R: Hamburglar, Grimace, Ronald, Birdie!
Ronald kitty says hi!

The theme of this time's Hello Kitty is Macdonalds, and they're dressed in suits of Macdonald's characters Ronald Macdonald, Birdie, Grimace and Hamburglar! Seriously I find that Hello Kitty's face seemed cuter in this series of plushies.. Cuter than before.. >.<

With each purchase of an Extra Value Meal, you can br…



It's SALE SALE SALE cos there's currently 3 cosmetic sales going on!!! Sadly they're all on their last day today so I'm sorry, BBBMTL >.< Down to the last day but good things must share, still!

1. Shiseido warehouse sale

16 & 17 May 2012, 10am to 8pm
1 Grange Road #12-01
Orchard Building (aka H&M building)

Brands: Shiseido, Cle De Peau Beaute, Maquillage, Ettusais, ZA, Majolica Majorca, Aqualabel, Tsubaki, Shiseido Professional and some bags hahaha

2. Bellabox Spring Spree sale

17 May 2012, 4 - 8 pm
26A Temple Street, Chinatown

Brands: Twistbands, OCC (lip tars are awesome!!), Laqa & Co, Faust's Potion, Pangea and Savoir Faire

3. Etude House sale!
No official news going around, but I saw the poster today at Plaza Sing outlet! Not sure if it applies to other outlets but you can try ^^ *heng I didn't buy anything when I saw it on 20% 2 days ago >.< So gonna chiong there after work hehehe

17 May 2012, -during its opening hours-
Plaza Singa…

[REVIEW] Sasatinnie eyeliners!

Hi! I'm back with a review of awesome eyeliners~ It'll be Sasatinnie's eyeliners! (Waterproof Retractable Eye Definer with sharpener to be exact hahaha) and they're in 05 Metallic Green, 04 Violet, 03 Brown and 01 Black! (if I'm not wrong, 02 is a gray colour which I didn't buy >.<)

The 4 eyeliners with orange stars on it are the stars of this post! *more reviews of the others coming up!*

L-R Metallic Green, Violet, Brown, Black
Initially I was a little skeptical about its house brand cos I've not tried it but I got one at 20% off. It turned out pretty good so I bought more! <3 Sasatinnie is actually pretty good! (their mascara is not bad too!)
I actually love the green one most cos it doesn't look that green under normal lighting and more black but with green shimmers. It looks really nice when blended out slightly to look more smokey too!
I SUPER LOVE THEM COS: -Super waterproof -Easily glides on *brown and green are smoother -long lasting un…