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New Crocs New You!

Hi! I'm gonna be talking about a brand of shoes I've been wearing since.. 13? I'm 19 now so that's 6 years! Can I say I swear by this brand? Cos I really do :P infact most of my friends who know me well will know that I've been wearing Crocs since some time ago!

The orange clogs was my first pair back in sec 1! *well preserved* hehe I wore it everyday! Infact I still wear Crocs everyday, just different pairs! 
The brown mary-janes (Women's Carlie Mary Jane - $74.90) infront is my very battered and dirty pair which I wear to work everyday now :P Its super comfy and makes me about 3cm taller :P Super conventional for SG's weather and road conditions too! *please excuse it looking dirty, it had a hard day!*
When I go out, I usually wear the black wedges (Leigh Wedge - $106.95) cos it makes me 8cm taller and its suuuupppeerr comfy!!! I swear I would buy another pair when this spoils cos its that awesome. Btw I won this from Mint's liveomusic show so thanks a l…

#itsgonnagetsensational Challenge 2!

Hi~ So this is challenge 2 of Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation! The food challenge! Because Cineleisure is a place where mostly youths like us hang out, we're gonna recommend a perfect makan and chill-out place that we love!

Heading to cine! *morning tired face and not the best angle of me haha*
Met up with Don in the morning for breakfast at Burger King cos there wasn't any other breakfast places open then! And I really love BK's breakfast :P *Do you know: fish burgers are the healthiest burgers in fastfood chains!

Great breakfast!

-fast forward, when Yingzi came!-


A.venue Bistro #03-06A/B 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure 

Don and I ordered a main course while Yingzi ordered a dessert. I love all things cheesy so I had to try it!

I ordered the Baked Cheesy Penne which is penne baked with chicken sausage, a layer of baked mozzarella cheese on the top (YUMZ) and drenched with super savoury cre…