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Vote for us!! #itsgonnagetsensational

Picture credit: Nuffnang


As you may or may not know (hahaha), I joined the 75th Hunger GamesCineleisure's Next Online Sensation contest! I'll be posting a whole lot of good stuff Cine has to offer all of its visitors, and there's something for everyone there! I joined with my awesome friends Yingzi and Don, and so my team is called Y.D.F! It would be really nice if you can help vote for my team!

Here's the steps on voting!

1. Go to the voting page (click!)

2. Sign in with your Facebook here!

3. Scroll down and look for Y.D.F!

*bling bling*
4. Click VOTE NOW!

5. Wait for the pop up!

6. A heartfelt "Thank you so much!!!" from Y.D.F to you! <3
Thanks soooooo much for voting if you did!

[SAMPLE REVIEW] Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Cleanser

Finally! Back to reviews :P

Hi! Here's my review on one of Innisfree's popular cleanser, which is the Apple Juicy Liquid Cleanser! Its a sample sachet that is good for about 5 uses, thanks to!

Pretty big sachet for a sample! hehe
Drippy drippy

-Smells like applemint w/o too much of the mint  -Smells like Fancl's washing powder when lathered up -Lathers into a rich foam with small bubbles -Feels clean but not tight! 
Good choice for a regular daily cleanser! Wouldn't be too harsh on your skin :)


Hi! I'm running in a Nuffnang contest now and this is the first post! Hehe here's a vid that I did before heading to Cine :P HAHAHA ikr can't help it cos Cine sounds like Sydney :P

My team is Y.D.F. hahahahahahah for obvious reasons. Yingzi, Don and I!

hahaha okay here's one shot which I found kinda funny. *NG shot!*
Don does a lame pose and we just LOLed hahaha. It was supposed to look like we were just chilling and chatting :P

So anyway, we spent an awesome day at Cathay Cineleisure! Had KFC first~ It's always bustling with people there cos its halal and affordable!


After that, we shopped around and stopped by STICKY

The "open kitchen" is awesome cos you'll know how your sweets are made!

Yingzi picking her flavour!
Don making payment for his packet happily!
Samples available at the counter! How nice!
Picks of the week!

Lovely display of mixed sweets~

And we took a photo with the people behind the magic!

The next shop we stopped by was Beadstreet! I'…

You are paying too much!

Hi! Here's a short post on saving some money :P . As we all know, SG sells stuff that are pretty much overpriced as compared to other countries. Even if you get it off blogshops, they're still not at their best price. Here's some recommendations on where you should get hot selling products right now. *no defamation of anywhere intended!

1. Dollywink products

Currently, the website (not gonna mention names!) that sells Dollywink's new eyebrow pencil cheapest is $16.50. But you can get it on at just $10.50SGD!!! Of course, that meant that you'll have to wait for awhile for the shipping and all but you save $6!

Also, the new Dollywink Otona series lashes are sold in SG's Watsons for $24.90, the same price as their previous collection. On, its... $17SGD!!!

The catch here is that there's shipping fees. Just grab a few girlfriends and buy together! The best way of saving money hahahahahaha

2. Korean cosmetics/skincare products

 I get my Korean cos…

Recent updates + free workshop by Hankook Cosmetics!!


Havn't been updating for sometime~ So gonna update on what I've been up to recently!

 I joined a kpop contest, semi-finals is this Sat!

Culture We Love Kpop Talent Contest Semi finals: 17th Mar Finals: 18th Mar
7.30pm, City Square Mall Atrium

Feeling so stressed after the rehearsal after seeing so many other better performers :/ I'll be singing G.NA's "I'll back off so you can live better" and its such a tough song :/

It'll be nice if you can come support :P


Hankook Cosmetics will be holding workshops, and they'll start from the Time Curator Series which is about anti-aging skincare or even reversing the effect that time has caused your skin e.g. fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Best of all, its FREE and you get to try the products!!!!!
The workshop will be held by artistes Silver Ang and Mint Leong! Woohoo!

ITS FREEEEE!! Click here to sign up!