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[REVIEW] Ossion Merdel Series

Hihi! Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Just ended my exams and my skin is in a bad condition :( Been sleeping really irregularly but I've been trying to change that :P

Long time no see!~ Check out the scars ma zits left behind :(
But here's my hero!
Ossion Merdel Series!!! The Merdel series contains awesome deep sea minerals and is suitable and even better, for sensitive skin. It works better on more troubled skin (like mine) and heals it faster! Also, I think it is one of the reasons that my pimples emerge lesser and heals quicker! Of course, you need have to discipline to use it everyday. I apply it after the bubble mask and it works great!

There's basically 3 items that I used in this series!

L to R: Merdel toner, Merdel cream, Merdel emulsion
L to R: Toner, Emulsion, Cream. Closer look at its textures and consistency.
Toner is a light-weight gel which becomes water Emulsion is slightly dewy and is considered light as an emulsion Cream is really thick, really thick.
1. Mer…

Recent listens

So... I havn't been updating :P

Anyway! These are some songs that I've been listening to too much recently. Yes, kpop, kpop.

1. Crazy - Teen Top
I don't like them as people, as in I don't actually like any member. But I super duper love this song! Well their hit songs like Supa Luv and No More Perfume On You are also on my faves list, BUT I DIG THE DANCE YO, I DIG IT TO THE CORE. Check out the the wave during the chorus, and also *ahem* the crotch dance!!! Also, I find this song extremely catchy and as always, an awesome choice to use English for the chorus cos it's easy for non-Koreans to follow. I absolutely love how the lyrics are so hopelessly cheesy and also the storyline, which is sooooooo cute (>.<) Not the kind of guys I would fall for in real life though. Don't exactly like dancer guys :P Yeah sure they show off their slick moves, but are defo not the kind that gives a girl security. Ahem, teen top, TEENS. Anyway, good that Niel wears shades in t…

New Korean mask + new mic! :')

So I havn't been spending a lot of money because when I am schooling, I have no mood to shop for things. I feel like Watsons is the most boring place ever :P But this semester is ending! Time to indulge myself :P

Bought a chocolate mask pack from! (not sponsored or paid to say this!) It came with so many samples and also a free bar of soap to match my mask! How thoughtful :) However the best thing about my buys this time (and also the thing that made me want to mention them) is the amount of trust they put in their customers. More about this blogshop will be elaborated in next post :)

(Samples) 1. Etude house Miss Tangerine Cream Choux blusher 01 2. The Saem collagen BB 3. Baviphat Magic Girls BB 01 4. Baviphat Peach All-in-one peeling gel 5. Skinfood Ancient Rice emulsion 6. Etude House Total Age Repair 02 7. The Saem Skin Fit Silk Finish BB 03 8. Holika Holika All The BB 01 (read my review of 02 here!) 9. Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid 10…

Hankook Cosmetics sales!!


Just an update on Hankook Cosmetics' sales!

Just only, they released Ossion Intensive Body Slimming Lotion and Ossion Intensive Body Slimming cleanser! I think they are super reasonably priced, and am gonna get it soon! I think it's really awesome to include such a product in your daily routine (as you need to bathe everyday) without much hassle! You know how slimming wraps and such are a great hassle and because it's inconvenient, you may not have the enough discipline to continue respective slimming treatments. What's better than a slimming body wash?

Do note that the Ossion bubble mask (my review here) is sold out so you would have to pre-order it! (see how great it sells?) Also, don't miss out their great sales now because discounts range from 20% off all the way to 65% off! And don't forget to log in with username and password "fennimisu" for extra 30% off on top of all discounts!!!~ Btw, they shipping and discount codes applies INTERNATIONA…

1st attempt at Pokénails!

So I was bored, and initially, I did this..

Hello little faces!
But then I felt weird that there were 5 faces looking at me whenever I do something like now, working on my Graphic Design UT3. Its just weird.
And suddenly, yellow felt like Pikachu! So I rubbed the lil faces off and replaced with Pikachu & variations. (I know the face is distorted :P)
Me: hey dad look! Pikachu! *shows nails* Dad: you drew it? Me: yup. Dad: YOU DREW IT? or is it a sticker?
Seems like my daddy didn't think that I can draw decently? :P

Nail polishes used: (L-R) L.A. Girl Matte nail polish in Black NL537 L'Oreal Jet Set Shine in Stylish Red 505 Dollywink nail polish in Lemon Yellow The Face Shop top coat The Face Shop white nail polish WH002

Mini reviews on the nail varnishes used~
L.A. Girl Matte nail polish in Black NL537 Quick drying, matte but does not last very long w/o matte top coat. Used it here because the formula isn't too sticky and easily workable with a small brush for Pikachu's mouth :P You k…