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[MAKEUP STASH] Tools for the eyes + mini reviews

Basically, I'll be reviewing/ sharing about what I have and what's good and what's not. Hope it helps you decide if you should get something! Like what I always do - read reviews before buying something.

Don't touch my territory~ *Bom style*
Hehe okay, here's a pic of my humble makeup corner in my closet.

"To those who love me, I hope to share the good things with you!
To those who hate me, these are what I eat everyday and still look ugly."
-Fenny :)

1. Eye tools! I love trying out many ways to get parallel double eyelids, so I have atleast 5 brands of normal eyelid tapes, some double sided ones, eyelid glue and eyelid fibre. Aaaand I am too lazy to use any nowadays.

-Various brands of eyelid tapes
I usually use thick eyelid tapes, been loving them since my first pack from Gmarket. It creates a thicker crease but is also more visible because the tape is thicker in length. The thinner ones don't really work for me, cos it doesn't fold maybe cos the thin ones are too frail :P I don't really stick to any brands because I get mine from neighbourhood shops :3 some are really lasting and sweat-proof and all, but some are just shitty. Heh.

-Double sided eyelid tapes (white sheets)
I believe you can get this almost anywhere. (recently Kiss Me released some, can get it from Watsons) I got mine from Gmarket and Sasa in HK. Basically, they stick your lids together so it folds and voila, a nice double eyelid. It does the job well, but it looks quite awkward if you were to apply makeup over it.

-AB Mezaikal Fibre (pink AB box)
Awesomest of the awesomes. This is hardly visible and is just a verrrryyy thin piece of fiber, but creates a very natural and lasting parallel eyelid. However it may not work for everyone, especially people with eyelids that are not that loose, like hard to crease or fold. Tip: you may not wanna stretch it too long because it loses its stickiness as it gets thinner. Not good. It's pretty expensive too, and you should be able to find this in most Sasa in SG.

-KOJI Eyetalk Clear (green/white bottle)
Maybe I don't know how to use this or something, BUT IT SUCKS. I got this cos its this and that free, and is clear as compared to the red bottle. But it just sucks. It holds on only for a few minutes before it gets rubbed off (due to friction between the lids) and it just sucks overall. Colossal waste of money~

-Twin Pit eyelid glue (white/pink bottle)
This is better than KOJI's! It costed only $2 from a sale and suprisingly it worked! I never had faith in eyelid glues since I bought the KOJI's eyetalk, but this gave me hope. HEHE. However I got it off before experiencing how long it can last and all cos I don't like the feeling of my lids stuck together.

-Dollywink mini eyelash glue (mini pink/black tube)
Not too much of an awesome eyelash glue for me but an awesome eyelid glue! Works just as well as the Twin Pit one.

-DUO eyelash glue (white/blue tube)
Awesomest of the awesomes! Need I say more? Super waterproof, sweatproof and lasts all day! Resists strong wind too! Maybe I should get the black one after this finishes. This is my second tube!

-Various tools for creating double eyelids & tweezers
Yeah the Y stick and tweezers to pick up double sided ones. No reviews for them because there isn't a good or bad one. I prefer the one that comes with KOJI's eyetalk because it is double-sided and has a normal angled one on one end and another Y shaped on the other.

-Contact lenses
I lovelovelovelovelove circle lenses! But apparently *people* feel it isn't safe, doesn't comply with SG's health standards, full of counterfeits blablabla, so it's hard to get em in SG. I only use GEO and EOS though, cos I find other brands like ifairy or barbie eye are.. suspicious. I still have a darned pair of Maxi Eye's lilac coloured lenses, and they're small like 14mm. Korean ones are like 14.5 atleast, all the way up to 15.8? Haha but the max that I wear is 14.8 cos my eyes are puny.

Thanks for looking!~


  1. zomg. in love with your storage space for it :D and that quote makes me LOL , so true & yet so very wise =D Love love!!

    thanks for the mini reviews on everything! i have yet to try the DW lash glue but i heard it did work well as a eyelid glue, dunno as a lash glue! omg, i agree with you on the thicker eyelid tapes.. thin ones are so.. USELESS >:(

    thanks for the reviews~ could you do some on your face stash/tools? ;D

  2. Great products and wonderful review.

  3. @Jen hehe thanks! Thanks for all your kind comments all this while! Yep this post is part one of my makeup stash, will be doing more! And will try Duo lash glue as an eyelid glue! Thanks for the tip! <3

    @Nava Thanks for your kind comment! :)


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