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Skeleton heels?

Well, not fully. Dig that heel!!!!!!! Personally, I feel that it's really unique.

Head down to their store to try it on and see it for yourself!
Also check out... A 20% STOREWIDE DISCOUNT!

Just download it flash it on your phone!

GAGA-Z 14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #03-127B

This is only one of their many other nice outfits/shoes! More to come!~

Baviphat is in Singapore?!

Yes it is!~ Perhaps it's already here for some time, but I just saw some stuff around!~ Sharing the price list incase you wanna get some. Just a lil reminder, you can always get them at better prices online.

SASA: Baviphat masks namely the beans (mung, oatmeal etc) series, ampoule series and juicy mask series are available in SASA! I got 5 for $8, and mix of series is allowed! So it's around $1.60 for one, and I got 3 pcs of anti-trouble ampoule, 1 pc of anti-wrinkle ampoule (ahem old woman is old) and one oatmeal mask. I think it's an ~okay~ pricing since it's easily available!

WATSONS: Baviphat mini (really mini!) fruits lipbalms are $7.90 in Watsons (hella expensive!!!) and also Snail healing sheet masks are available for $4.90 in Watsons.

Will update when I see more around Singapore~ Thanks for looking and hope you find this helpful ;)

[REVIEW] Ekanava Opening Enhancer


This is yet another awesome product by Hankook Cosmetics! They have 4 brands under Hankook Cosmetics namely the most popular Ossion, Ekanava, Sansim and Flannche.

This is a super cool primer! Literally! Well, it has cooling properties to soothe and calm the skin prior to make up application and makes your skin super smooth! The best part shall be revealed later in this post.. but you have to read on! :P

Love the frosted glass container!
White gel but turns clear when spread out!
THE WHOLE BOTTLE CONTAINS LOTS OF GOLD FLAKES. *this is the back of my hand btw But don't worry they don't stay onto your face! They actually dissolve as you rub it into your skin. Infact, I think this is really cool cos it's a luxurious ingredient and not like there's only 3 flakes in the whole bottle! There's a lot!

My verdict: This is a primer suitable for humid countries and will keep your makeup intact for a long time! I use it even when I don't use any makeup because it acts as a mois…

[REVIEW] Ossion Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask

An awesome review this is! It's legen....................

WAIT FOR IT......................


Hehehe okay lameness aside. I was given this product to try by Hankook Cosmetics. I was super thrilled because I loveeeee Korean products, and what more, THIS IS VERY EFFECTIVE FOR THOSE WHO WANT A SLIMMER FACE. Yes, it's true~ I've tried and tested, IT WORKS!!! Since it's Korea's Hottest Celebrity Product, you're one step closer to attaining Korean celebrities or Kpop artistes' good skin and V lined face!

Initially I was rather wishy-washy about it since I've tried something similar (bubble mask, brand: Cyber Colors) and it was a mess. Super sticky, bubbles up too slowly and too less, and I don't see much difference in my skin.

But! This is really different, awesome bubbles and a nice smell too! Smells luxurious~

This product is carefully made with the impressive research & development of Hankook Cosmetics, and is suitable for all skin types, all ag…

[REVIEW] Maybelline Lip Smooth and Care in Mandarin

Hi! Just a simple review on Maybelline's Lip Smooth and Care tinted lipbalm in Mandarin! I pretty much always wanted an orange yet not too overly orange lip balm so it wouldn't be too much when I use it without using makeup. And I saw this while getting sushi at NTUC! hehehe

Frankly I never bothered about lipbalms since I kept buying them and not going through any of them entirely - waste of money! Especially after I bought EOS, never really shopped for lipbalms again.
But this is tinted! Oooooh..!

20% discount..!!!

$4.00 SGD. Tempting price~

A reddish orange. Very moisturizing and after awhile the colour becomes quite natural! Quite a nice colour for a tinted lipbalm. *pardon my bare face! Not even concealer on :P

Repurchase? Nope. Would try other stuff. It's a bang for your buck though! :)

Thanks for looking!~

[SAMPLE REVIEW] Skinfood Salmon Eye Cream

Hi! I got this a sachet of Skinfood's Salmon Eye Cream with some Korean cosmetics, and only recently I felt like trying it :P

I know right! Salmon?! On your skin?! Well, that's Skinfood for you. Salmon is not as bad as.. CREAMY CHEESE MASK! Well, I like cheese in my food but not on my face. *squirms*

It does not smell one bit like salmon. Smells a lot like jasmine flowers, A LOT!!! An overly strong smell of jasmine, which is weird since salmon is used instead. *50 points deducted*

It's a white cream, which I feel is oily and fatty, and only a little is required. This sachet lasted me for 5 times, for both eyes! Not the best texture for an eye brightening cream. I believe this is gonna be bad for people with oily or problematic skin and may not be able to withstand the richness of this eye cream.

Stays really oily for at least 10 minutes, felt like the absorption was reeeaaalllyyy slow. Besides, I've used it for 5 times and there are no significant changes. No brighteni…

Long time no see

Ekanava Opening Enhancer primer Ossion Improved Multi BB Cream Naris Up gel liner in brown Etude House Code B lipstick in OR201

Cracked lips and jagged liner.


L O V E!  x

Lol at the woman behind!

[TEASER] Look what awesome stuff I've got!!

Hehehe okay so I've got some Hankook skincare products to review on! (Thanks to Mint!) I'm so excited that I already tried some of it! Loving the Ekanava primer a whole lot!!! -reviews soon!!!!!- And best of all, I'm gonna share a way to get a great discount on these awesome products!

Look at how generous they are!!!!!!!!! <3 Mainly brands like Ekanava and Ossion.
Reviewed: Ekanava Opening Enhancer, Ossion bubble mask!

Log in using username + password "fennimisu" and get 30% on top of prevailing discounts internationally!

[MAKEUP STASH] Tools for the eyes + mini reviews

Basically, I'll be reviewing/ sharing about what I have and what's good and what's not. Hope it helps you decide if you should get something! Like what I always do - read reviews before buying something.

Don't touch my territory~ *Bom style*
Hehe okay, here's a pic of my humble makeup corner in my closet.

"To those who love me, I hope to share the good things with you! To those who hate me, these are what I eat everyday and still look ugly." -Fenny :)

1. Eye tools! I love trying out many ways to get parallel double eyelids, so I have atleast 5 brands of normal eyelid tapes, some double sided ones, eyelid glue and eyelid fibre. Aaaand I am too lazy to use any nowadays.

-Various brands of eyelid tapes
I usually use thick eyelid tapes, been loving them since my first pack from Gmarket. It creates a thicker crease but is also more visible because the tape is thicker in length. The thinner ones don't really work for me, cos it doesn't fold maybe cos the thin…

HK sights Part 1

Good but tired morning from ze hotel! Looking really tired! Oh btw I stayed @ Regal Riverside at Sha Tin :) 

Poppy colours for this trip cos I'm feelin happy! (brand of nail colours: *pa) Nikon DSLR ring cos HK is too photogenic :)
But the sunlight was awesome :')
Cos it was so cooling! Pardon ma messy hair, just took off ma beanie!
Let's gooooo!
Heading to Lantau Island!
The seats were benches, unlike SG's indicated seats. So it fits up to 5 people in a row!
Outside City Gate~ yeah~ awesome sunlight again!~
Love how its sunny but cooling! ~.~
Cable car aka Ngong Ping 360! Hehe I love shots with half or quarter of my head in it!
I swear I felt like jumping into that pool. And look at the mountains! The cable car is heading there! -faints-
Another quarter head shot. hehe. @ the cable car ticketing area! Btw my eyemake: Dejavu lasting eyeliner in Brown GEO Angel Blue contact lenses Eyemazing 001 lashes Canmake bronzer in 03 as eyebrow powder & contour
For my family of 4 :) *my mummy and my dad…