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[REVIEW] Naris Up Wink Up Lasting Gelliner in Brown

Hi! I know my blog has been pretty dead and all, but here's a review you won't regret reading! An awesome gel liner! Hehe I havn't got around the more popular gel liners e.g. Maybelline or KATE, cos I don't actually like dramatically dark eyes. I also thought they'd cake when dry, so I just skipped them.

Recently, there's a sale by Eternity Trade (awesomeness!) and I picked up a gel liner by Naris Up (havn't heard of it..) and it only costed $5!!!

Jappy packaging! Some readings: 24 hours lasting, waterproof, water and tears proof, in Natural Brown.
As you can see, it comes in a frosted glass jar and is actually pretty heavy.
Comes with a brush perfect for use together!
Swatch of it. A pretty dark brown.

It's super creamy and a little goes a really long way! Easy to apply with the given brush. Super super super lasting!!! Does not flake at all when dried. Does not smudge when set, unless with intense rubbing (which is unlikely unless your eye itches), super wa…