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Hmmmmmm maybe this is how I feel right now? Or right this joyous season?
I know right, should've posted an event post but I feel the need to let this out.
I feel like.. I need a good cry right now.
Hopefully you'll understand that I'm not hiding any feelings and being 100% my true self on this blog! ^^



Have you heard of the FRANK debit and credit card by OCBC? They're not your regular, boring and common cards that everyone seemingly owns.. You get to choose what design appears on your card!!!

So just a few weeks ago, a FRANK branch opened in Vivocity! It's their first off-campus branch. (other branches include NTU and SMU) *you can apply for a FRANK debit/credit card from any OCBC outlets, not just FRANK stores!

Cool "vending machine" outside their Vivocity store to select your card design!
Some of the awesome designs showcased!

Some of the card designs were really quirky and fun! So let's have some fun! :P

"All I speak are words of wisdom, young one..." HAHA :P

Classic camera!
Figured that this pose will suit more for a camera than the previous pic :P
Conan the Barbarian!
For the ladies with candy-coated lips! Mmmm luscious!

For the leopardies!

Wanna know a secret?
Yingzi the Georgian girl!
Ben the wise!
For the makeup-holic!

We signed up for debit cards! *thumb…

[REVIEW] Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek 02 Peach Pink


On my last trip to Hong Kong (which was too awesome), I picked up some cosmetics and I'm gonna review Cosmagic's Sweet Deco Cheek in 02 Peach Pink first!


What's inside~ (Top) little fluffy pompom..............? (L-R) small brush, twist-open cover, blusher

(L-R) One highlight colour, one powder blusher and one cream blusher!

Swear it's too pinky for me x.x  There were 2 shades, the other one was in a lighter pink so I thought it's safe to get this.
Colour: 3/5 Personally, I think the highlight was the most useful colour in this product. Okay, I love highlighters but the pinks were probably tooooooo pinky for me! Infact, they weren't that lasting. The cream blusher (obviously) is the most lasting one. The rest would ~disappear~ within 3 hours? Yes, it did.
Texture: 3/5 Too powdery! Flakes too easily when used with the brush provided. Pompom cannot be used because it sheds x.x Would use an Ecotool blusher brush instead ^^ Very smooth when appl…

Gong Cha

Cheaper and better Gong Cha in Macau.
Always good to know I just saved some money on the same thing

Egg tarts are actually nice

Egg tart outside St. James Cathedral, Macau
Can't believe I didn't like em in the past.


Tired morning in the MTR
Pretty much the same thing in SG so travelling is not a problem!

Bubble Pop!

Hong Kong Lantau Island - Po Lin Monastery
I think it's some kinda bubble festival. There were bubbles everywhere and bubbly games to play.

Guess where was I?

Didn't climb up the steps because there were too many people of a certain nationality there.