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[REVIEW] Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Eyeliner Auto Stick

Hi! This is a review of Holika Holika's Wonder Drawing Eyeliner Auto Stick! It costed me $10 in the store @ Wisma which is pretty costly... Read on to know why.

Like most auto stick liners, this one is a turn up and down one with a snap-close cap. It's in 01 Black!

*sorry bout the low quality pic As you can see, there isn't much difference in the intensity between one stroke and three strokes.

Some points to note:
-Does not come with a sharpener like other brands
-Total length of lead is about 4cm long at first
-Is NOT waterproof
-Smudges when rubbed
-Not suitable for use in hot or wet weather
-Intensely black as compared to other auto liners
-Easy to go on
-Too much used will cause "panda eyes"

I think its totally pointless to have an eyeliner that is not waterproof and smudges that easily. Given the amount of product, which is only about 4cm long and does not come with sharpeners like e.g. Etude House's Proof 10 auto pencil eyeliner, $10 is definitely not w…

[SAMPLE REVIEW] Holika Holika Enamel Magicara Long & Curling

Hi! This is a review of Holika Holika's Enamel Magicara in Long & Curling! This was a sample sized one that was given while I purchased something on their opening, but it lasts me a pretty long time! I think the only thing that differs from the retail sized one is the amount of mascara inside! The brush is pretty big on the sample sized one so I'm guessing its the original size! Let's get to some pictures!

It's in 01 Enamel Black!
Check out the brush! Really love it! One is has longer bristles and is in a curved shape while the other side has bristles of the same length! 

Usually, I use the curved side for my upper lashes and the flat side for my lower lashes. It works super well! 
Here are some points to note:
-Formula has fibre in it, so it lengthens lashes and gives volume very very very well!
-Doesn't give "panda eyes"
-Washes off with water at room temperature (better to use a proper remover though)
-Applying too much may cause clumping aka spide…

[SAMPLE REVIEW] Holika Holika All That BB cream

Hi! This is another review from a sample pack! :)

Good for about 3 uses!
This time, it's the Holika Holika All That BB Cream! As you can see from the packet, it has SPF 27 PA++! Great for sun protection as most BB creams offer up to SPF 15 (from what I see :P). This is definitely more protective than other BB creams! To me, protection from the sun is really important, so my BB creams must have UV protection.

Like other BB creams, this one also becomes pretty pale after spreading it out so start with less. It looks pretty dark in the picture right? All BB creams sort of becomes paler so moderate the amount first. It isn't very watery or too dense, just right.

Circled is the area with the BB cream applied (onto the back of my hand). Slightly peachy colour, and it does quite a good job covering the veins on my hand. The coverage is actually pretty good for a BB cream, as most of it are pretty sheer! It gives quite an even colour to the entire area, so it's a good way to start…

Cover of 傻瓜!

Recently I joined a contest with my fellow blogger friends and did this vid. From the hundreds, top 12 will be chosen for a closed-door audition. Frankly, I think my chances are slim.

This is my audition video!

*Credits to Yongwei for sound and video, Conan for lighting and shooting!

Check out Ben's rendition of Wo Ai De Ren!

And check out Mint's too! I love her singing super a lot!!!!!

Actually Yongwei joined too but his video isn't on YouTube and I couldn't get a hyperlink of his audition vid :P

Hope we all make it! :D:D:D

Facebook page?!

Yeah I just created a Facebook page. I know, it seems like I am taking things too fast and ahem attention seeking but I wanna link my Facebook, Blog, Twitter and YouTube all to one place and to communicate with people I don't know in real. Maybe I over-estimate myself, maybe nobody will like it, maybe I am weird, but I hope you can show some support :)

Please like my page!

And pls follow my Formspring if you want questions! Hehehehheehe I will ask atleast a question everyday muahahaha

Magic, the Churp Churp Gathering!

Okay I know this post came in super late, but better than never! :D

I LOVE CHURP CHURP! Who doesn't wanna earn money while doing something they enjoy e.g. Tweeting, Blogging?

This is a pretty cool post, cos it was a fun event! There were food (yumyum!!!), magic show, games and ofcos, cool bloggers like Qiuting and Ladyironchef! Met other Churpers and Churpies as well. *bad hair day

Photo by: Conan
Angie and I at the door! It was held at an arts center/school and it has so many cute art materials inside! Looks super vintage! *It's a shot at the entrance but it was taken when we left :P
Photo by: Conan
Twitter accounts of people who went~
Photo by: Conan
Photo by: Churp Churp page
Twitter contest! Where I won myself a.....
Photo by: Churp Churp page
...Churpie! It's on my bed though it don't match the my sheets and other toys :P . . . . . . . . I R GLUTTON SHOTS! Awesome cakes by Shiberty Sweets!


My phone's casing melted............. ......nah it's the icing from the…

Here's a troll pic of myself..

HAVE A GOOD LAUGH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .

And it's Photoshop la. Not real k, not real :P Hahahahahahaha a total ruin if image (if I even have any..) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Okay this is Photoshop-less. Check out mah pimples.