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Cupcakes anyone?

On National Day, Calvin brought Leon, Yingzi, Angie and I to try cupcakes that are Baked by Lace! They're soooooooo yummy and more comforting to know, a whole lot healthier than commercial ones.

Firstly, there is the Classic Vanilla Bean one. The frosting looks so cute! >.< Besides, it was made using real Vanilla beans for full and authentic flavour. The cake is not too airy, not too moist but just nice! Most importantly, it isn't too greasy so it's a light treat anyday.

I am full of authentic Vanilla goodness! ^.^
Next up, Cookies and Cream! It's a cake with oreo bits inside with frosting made with real Madagascar Vanilla beans! See, isn't it much more healthier than vanilla essence overload? :) Tastes not too buttery or thick, just right!
With marshmallows on top! ^.^

And this is Salted Caramel! The cake base is Vanilla, and its frosting is salted caramel with real caramel and sea salt flakes on top. Don't worry, it isn't too salty, but it isn't ver…

[COVER] Lonely - 2NE1

So Conan, Angie and I crashed Yongwei's place yesterday! Many many many thanks to Yongwei for hosting us and helping me make my cover! It was quite funny that it was recorded below 15 minutes cos we were rushing to watch the 9pm show [BANG GE! LI JIE! YAO ZHI YONG!] Frankly it was weird looking at myself singing in a video, and it sounds dreamy. Love it nonetheless!

Was reading lyrics off my phone in the vid cos I simply can't remember it. And because I don't know what to do with my hands etc, I didn't like standing to record. AND seriously, I didn't know we were gonna record a vid! Seriously. So some lyrics were wrong, pitchings were wrong, but it was really fun! And stuffy.

Recorded by Yongwei's equipments and at Yongwei's place, instrumental from Youtube and YG Entertainment.

Cut scenes by Conan! Thanks thanks thanks!

-Yongwei's equipments, Yongwei, Garageband, Yongwei's mum for the awesome dinner, Yongwei's milk, Yongwei's tea, …

[VLOG] My crazy brother!