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Camwhore post ft. Angie + Duffy(s)

Let's start with (weird) pics of me...

Hidden at some ulu corner at hub.. Trying to take a video.

But some cleaner was there too, and was freakin us out..


"One more."

"One more."

How often do you use it today? How often did you use it yesterday? How many times are you going to use it tomorrow?
Perhaps we are never satisfied. We always want, "one more." And when you get that one more, do you always want another one more? You can have 1, therefore you can have 2, 3, 4. Humans, when are we ever contented? When do we learn to cherish the one and only things we have? When do we not desire, "one more"?

"I'm going to snooze for one more minute!"
"Please give me one more minute!"
"Spare me one more dollar?"
"Hey do you have one more eraser?"
"please give me one more chance to make this right"
"I swear I'll finish my assignment. Just give me one more day"

So how did you use "One more" in your life today?

[SWATCHES] L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro

So I bought July's NUYOU and there's a free eyeshadow quad! THAT'S RIGHT, FREE!!! Everyone go get it quick quick quick!!!

Looks like Xiao S right. But it's Lin Xiang Ping. Hehe.

Consists of 4 super pearly colours. It's a turqoise one. Only turqoise is available with purchase of NUYOU. So in other words, you can't choose. Boo :( Actually, it looks more like blue than turqoise, at all.

Yup, swatches. Super pearly in real please! The darkest colour ain't that dark, and all are super shimmery.

Will post a review after I use it on my eyes >.< For now, blue seems kinda.. not for me.
Have a good day! :) And go get it!!!

Cos I had a bad day

Yes I had a truly rotten day.

-Firstly, we thought that the wireless lavalier we borrowed was battery operated cos there were so many slots for batteries. But it didn't work.
-Borrowed another lavalier. Couldn't get XLR cables. Turned out that it needed batteries too.
-Couldn't record a shxt because someone locked our tape w/o telling us.
-DROPPED THE BATTERY CAP INTO THE FREAKIN DRAIN IN THE SCHOOL'S CARPARK. Some abangs helped us lift up the drain cover and a random faci went down the deep drain to get for us.
-Couldn't transfer recordings into lappy cos we don't have the firewire.
- Didn't bring my keys out. Dad came home to open the door for me.
-Had a freakin bad dream during my afternoon nap.

I think I was rather listless today.

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Makeup Starter

So this is a review on something that I bought long ago :P Well I only got to use it recently when I needed my makeup to last, so I finally opened it. Hehe. Because usually I only need my makeup for half a day, it's usually pretty lasting. Used it on Social Media Day btw ^^
It's like a cotton pad soaked in a primer (I guess..) and it has 2 sides to it. The salesgirl said that one side removes dead skin and dirt while the other moisturizes and massages the primer into your face.
Let's call this side A. The side that removes the dead skin and dirt, has purple dots which are slightly (only slightly) rubbery. Rub it in circular motions onto your face. The primer wets the whole thing, so there's primer on this side too.
And let's call this side B. The side that applies the primer. It's just embossed cotton and it supposedly is soaked with more primer on this side.
I think it's logic is that side A removes dirt and all, so the primer on side B gets better absorbed an…

[VLOG] out of class randomness!

Okay so this is a vlog entry, consisting of random clips I shot through our Art Of Story lesson that day.

It went like this:
Met new people at Mac! Thanks for helping :)
Cool table made of pebbles and erm. glass?
Thai food

Enjoy! ^^