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I'm on The New Paper!

Congratulations, if you're reading this. I've scheduled this post to be published on 25th June so The New Paper issue with me on it doesn't sell anymore and you'll never get to see my troll face in hard copy! WAHAHA.

I was featured on The New Paper on a David Choi article. I don't know why they picked me out of all the photos and of all photos, MY TROLL FACE.

Seriously I didn't know they had a picture of me cos a reporter merely did a written interview with me. I thought it was okay because only my name's gonna be mentioned, but who knows..

So these were the parts that featured me........ (feels weird saying this)

Clarifications: I went to his show last year. Read my previous post of David Choi by clicking at the David Choi tag on the bottom left of my blog! :) And I totally didnt say "I know he meets so many people every day... But I feel very, very special now." Oh please! haha. I merely said I felt happy cos he remembered me despite meeting so …

David Choi Live in Singapore!

Check out the shoutout he did to me! hehe

David Choi, my favourite YouTube star is in Singapore for 2 days, 21st and 22nd June, as part of his Asia Pacific & Australia tour! He went to Hong Kong, Malaysia, now in Singapore, and is going to Manila, Jakarta and Australia!

Pauline, his manager for both the previous trip and this trip, thanking the people who came ;)

Went for his meet and greet too, cos he's only in SG for 2 days, gotta make full use of it! Meet and greet was on 21 June in a cosy corner at MINT Toys Museum just opposite Raffles Hotel. I got to play pick-up sticks with him!!! I chose pick-up sticks cos its the easiest of the 3 games there - pick-up sticks, five stones and chapteh hahaha. And when I went up, he said "hey I've seen you before. You came last year right?" Omg. It's kinda a super touching moment for me cos he remembers me from last year! Went with a few friends on my birthday to send him off at the airport last year, maybe that's w…

[SAMPLE REVIEW] Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser

So I got this sachet of Skinfood's Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser from some random stuff that I bought. It's pretty a lot of product, for a sample. I used it 3 times, but I threw it away before it finishes so probably in total it's usable for 5 times? Because its a foaming cleanser, you'll only need a lil and then lather up. That simple.

It's a silvery colour. Nothing wrong, just a lil insecurity... :P
-Lathers up pretty quickly, into a nice lovely foam -Pretty thick consistency, so you'll only need a lil! -Smells.... like clean & clear's daily soft cleanser. HAHA -Clean refreshing feeling afterwards, but the feeling goes away in like.. 10 minutes.
Its the same kinda clean and tingly feeling most cleansers give after washing with it. However it lasts for only awhile, like a few minutes. After that it feels normal. It's probably effective in oil control for only a few minutes..? Haha that's worse than my regular cleanser! And after using it for 3 ti…

Hot hot summer

Ohai I is tourist. Singapore very sunny ya, very nice beach ya.
Ohai you two fighting ya?
Oh man getting closer ya. Later I get wet ya.
TTS (time to siam) ya!

hehehe pictures by KM of SLC!

What's in my makeup bag + mini reviews

Here goes!~

Etude House eyeshadow in Vanilla
I don't use this as an eyeshadow cos I don't really use eyeshadows that are so bright, or even eyeshadow at all.  Its a light beige colour with some shimmer in it, and I think its the perfect highlighter! I use it on my nose bridge and under eye area. Not much of a vast difference, but just.. yeah. :P The shimmer isn't overwhelming so I think it's a good choice for being a highlighter that matches nearer to your skin tone than those kind white shimmer powder. Best thing - it's cheap! It's below $10 at Etude House, so its definitely a very good highlighter to get if you're on a budget :)
Canmake Shading Powder in 02
Jamie got this for me at $10! (thanks :D) As it suggests, its a shading powder! Its completely matte so it isn't a bronzer cos it doesn't give a "sunkissed glow" hahaha. I use it on the sides of my face and a liiiiiitle bit on the sides of my nose. I think its awesome, cos it matches my…