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[SAMPLE REVIEW] Baviphat Mango Steam Scrub

Hihi! Shall do a review of... Baviphat's Mango Steam Scrub! I've only used it once btw, and it already made itself a blacklisted product in my list. Read on to find out why :)

Check out its face and Asian peace sign. hehe.
Frankly, I've never heard of the term "steam scrub" so I thought it was just a scrub that was steamed and therefore, a steamed scrub. Infact, I thought that this scrub was made of steamed mangoes.

If you could see the scrub, it actually has some kinda brownish beads inside. Idk but I keep thinking its the mango seed, minced! It smells like fresh and yummy mangoes, and the best thing about this product is the smell! Its so delicious and makes me wanna have a mango rightaway!

Its like jelly actually. With bits of mango seeds hehe. Fine they're just scrub thingy, not literally seeds.
I thought it was just a normal scrub, but when I apply it on my face,..... nah there isn't anything special. But when I rubbed it, OMG IT BURNS. Its like appl…

[REVIEW] Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder - Mint

Hello! I got this translucent powder at $14 including normal postage, which I think is very reasonable for an eco product like this. Comes with a super soft puff! I apply this powder with my ecotools brush though, cos it gives a more even distribution and not too thick at once. I use it as a last step thing to my set my bb cream, before blusher and all.
Doesn't the puff look sooooo soft? :D
Sealed! :)

-Controls sebum -Matt, translucent powder -Matt and shine-free finish :D -Eco-friendly ingredients! (Innisfree is an eco brand) -5g of product -Smells like mint leaf! <3 -Using a powder brush would be better, so there wouldn't be a white cast over your face D:


[HAUL] Korean makeup haul!!!

So it isn't really a haul since I purchased only one item. But it came with so many samples that it became a haul :P

*clickable ones are reviewed :)
1. Skinfood mushroom BB cream 02 2. Holika Holika Baby Bloom Base 01 3. Holika Holika Face 2 Change cream starter 4. Holika Holika Moisture BB cream 5. Baviphat Peach all-in-one peeling gel 6. Holika Holika honey sleeping pack 7. Baviphat Lemon whitening sleeping pack 8. Etude House Golden Ratio Face Glam 02 9. Bizanne ginseng mask x2 10. *purchased!* Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder (Mint) 11. Holika Holika All That BB 01 12. Baviphat Mango steam scrub 13. Baviphat Apple AC therapy sleeping pack

Not so awesome cos she missed 2 times of meetups, WASTED MY MRT FARE, so she made it up by including 2 masks for free. I finally succumbed to paying for postage :/ It's $14 for the Innisfree powder (10. in picture) with normal postage. Anyway! Its like I bought many items cos I get to try them. Yay to samples of Korean makeup!!!

[REVIEW] Canmake Multi Proof Powder 01

Hello! I got this powder from Kelly's Japan spree, some time back. I think it was $15. Havn't seen it around in SG, so I got it to try since I needed a finishing powder.

Shall blog in point form to avoid messiness! :D

- It's called Multi Proof because it is waterproof, sweat-proof, oil-proof and UV-proof!
-It has SPF 20PA++ (though I havn't experienced its protection cos I don't go out in the sun often.)
-I don't think its very lasting cos I apply it in the morning before I go to school, and around 2 hours later, its gone.......... haha.
-It smells like sunblock. You know how sunblocks have this little bit of chlorine smell.. haha yeah it smells like that.
-Contains purple shimmers. Isn't very noticeable after application :)
-Comes with a cute Canmake puff!
-Has a little mirror on the back of the top cover when flipped open.
-Cheap looking pink plastic case :/ pretty sturdy though.

Won't buy this again. Don't even think I'll finish it. hehe.

[REVIEW] EOS pomegranate and raspberry lipbalm

Betcha never heard of EOS :P It actually stand for Evolution of Smooth! Its an American brand and sold in places like Walmart, and most importantly, MICHELLE PHAN USES IT!!! Hehe that's why I decided to give it a try. A friend of mine was asking people to share shipping for this, so I decided to get one too, from Btw it costs $9+ including shipping, for 0.14oz of product. expensive...

Quoted from

"The evolution of smooth™  a natural reason to smile
Welocome to the evolution of smooth.™ To keep your lips looking and feeling healthy, we created this 95% organic,100% natural lip balm that's petrolatum and paraben free, just like you.
Packed with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.
long lasting moisture shea butter & vitamin E smoothes on clear 95% organic 100% natural USDA Organic"Totally true to what they said! My lips are sooooo moisturized and soft that …

Panda noodles

I don't like dogs so I ate the panda one. YUMZ

The first GE rally in my life: WP

Hello! I have to post this before the elections end!

*didn't bring a cam, all pics taken from my iphone

Went to Yishun stadium for Worker's Party rally for Nee Soon GRC with hpility on 1st May! It's like people are coming from whole of SG, to gather at that place. The MRT is super crowded, and you don't have to know where the stadium is, just follow the crowd, seriously! Everyone is going to the same place. Really good experience to watch how united the crowd was and how confident the speakers were.
When we first reached, around 7pm. Already we couldn't find a seat!
Some  were sitting on tracks, most were gathering at the stage
This is where our spot was!
Supporters even outside the stadium
More and more crowded
Wave yo flags people
Wow, the atmosphere, the crowd. Wow.
A carpark away from the stadium, people are gathered to watch.
People outside the stadium lifting up the canvas to catch sights of the scene inside

The ultimate camwhore/selca machine

That's Lixia and my sleeve. HAHA
Its the Media Production Tools and Techniques module! Muahaha its a pretty cool module where we learn about video production currently.
Team mates Lixia, Erisa, Lichu and I on screen while our muscle man Khoo sets up. Its a super cool kinda professional video production camera. K IDK WHAT ITS CALLED.

Setting up lights. COOOOOOOL.

Faci demo-ing what the barn doors on the lights do. This faci super cool la.

OOOOOOOH *barn doors closer*

AHHHHHH *barn doors wider, bulb forward*

Can't wait to learn more!

Some updates!

Milk Pocky rocks!!! And for some reason my skin has a posterize effect even though I didn't use any effect or PS. Looks damn fake :/ Shall not use auto mode again wahaha
Hello!!!! Its been 3 weeks of school, and its getting more and more interesting but tiring. The most tedious module is probably Art of Story. I'm not one bit literate (Shakespearean works or Lord Of The Rings...) and have no idea who is Persus or where is Athens, neither do I watch a lot of English movies or read a lot of storybooks. Afterall its how you overcome the difficulty right? muahaha that's the fun part I guess. Oh and Drawing! I havn't done the homework :P
I went to an event by Wong Li Lin to promote her exercise band, the Loopz band! My limbs ached like hell after that hahaha. Will blog about that soon :)
And I went to a rally for the first time in my life!!! A very cool experience!!! Anyway it was Worker's Party's rally that I went to, the one at Yishun stadium for the Nee Soon GRC. Wen…

Miniature effect!

So cute! Don't they look like the models! The trees! The trees!

Apparently humans don't look too fake! Hahaha cute STOP sign!

Shot by my BRO's Canon Powershot A3300 digicammy muahaha