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[REVIEW] Holika Holika Egg Soap


I got the Egg Soap from Holika Holika in Wisma when they first opened on Monday, and I've been using it for 3 days, 3 times per day. Once in the morning, once when I bathe and once before I sleep. I store it in a plastic bag to prevent water from getting to it (and shrinking it) and sadly, its a great hassle. Its egg shape also make it hard for grasp so don't let it slip out from your hands when using it!


Super cute looking carton, made from recycled paper!

*ignore the real egg used to weigh down the cover!* They're wrapped with a cling-wrap material thing individually.

From the internet, it says that its used to "tighten pores and makes skin sleek". Totally agree with that. There is this tightening effect on your face that lasts for sometime, and surprisingly my pimples have shrunk sugnificantly and my blemishes around the nose area are also significantly reduced! Its totally amazing! Its only been 3 days! Due to *emoing* and lack of sleep, I've been breaking out but wow this soap is totally amazing! Anyway, I havn't used this as a mask before.

By the way, there are 4 "flavours" in this egg soap line. The original white one, that perhaps is egg flavoured..... Haha. The black one is black charcoal, the yellow one is yellow volcanic mud/clay and a green one which is green tea flavoured. 2 of the same eggs cost $20, but one of each (4 eggs) is around $37.90 if I havn't forgotten it. They call it the Family Pack. I think I prefer calling it the CN Blue pack since one egg is represented by one member. HAHA. Would wanna buy the CN Blue pack soon, cos I wanna try all of its uses!

White - Tightens pore and makes skin sleek
Green - Controls excessive sebum and moisturizes
Yellow - Cleans out dirt in pores
Black - Suitable for sensitive skin and removes blackheads

The "CN Blue" pack. Hehe.

General directions:
Wet the egg and rub hands together. When you think you have generated enough foam to cover your face, stop and put the egg aside first. Then use the foam to massage onto your face in a circular motion and leave on for a few seconds then rinse off well. Use cold water for an ultra tightening effect! Cold water is known to close/ tighten pores so... yeah. It can also be used as a mask too! Leave the foam on for 10 minutes then wash away. I always have excess foam, so I use it to wash my neck, arms and feet. Teehee.

The only complain I have about it its form as a bar of soap. Dispensers are generally more anti-bacterial and hygienic, as compared to bar soaps. Also, storage is an inconvenience as storing a bar of soap away from moisture can be a challenge especially in the bathroom. I keep it in a plastic bag, tied up and I think it is super inconvenient to keep doing that every single time I use it.

It costs $20 in the store in Singapore. Its supposedly 8500 Won in Korea, which is less than $10 SGD. Very very very overpriced,  but what to do~ The cheapest one I saw online was $18.

10/10!!! Totally will buy this again!!!


  1. Thanks for this review! I'm really interested in trying it.

  2. Our website is selling at S$16.50 -
    More Holika Holika products available at our website =)

  3. my sister tried the green tea one, n she said its great cuz when u wash your face the white heads will come out ~_~

  4. Thanks for the review! As cute as it is, I still find it difficult since you have to wet it, rub it over your hands to get product and then somehow store it away after you're just seems like too much of a hassle. But the packaging really does kill me. Too cute!

    1. I know right! A bit too much of a hassle for me to continue using this though I really wanna. I've checked out your blog too, and am comtemplating getting the Tony Moly snail face wash! :)

    2. I caved...I got the egg soap after saying all that. So disappointed in myself. Darn packaging! I haven't tried it out yet though.

      Tony Moly Snail Intensive Foam Cleanser (why are their product names so long?!) is a pretty decent cleanser as long as you're not trying to remove a lot of makeup. It's a great morning cleanser :)

    3. It's definitely worth it though, I bought the four pack with the white, green tea, clay and coal egg and I have noticed a difference in my face. Between these eggs and an exfoliate (like apricot scrub) I am noticing that my blackheads are clearing up and I love how it makes my face feel. I just store them in shrink wrap or individual plastic baggies and it's no biggie. The little bit of effort is worth the results I'm getting with my cleansing ritual.

  5. Use a soap dish to store it conveniently. Can be found in Daiso for $2 :)


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