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Gif is fun hahaha

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Celeblous Gelina Cheek

Funny name, I know. At first look, I thought it was Celebritous Celina Cheek. Maybe it made a bit more sense... haha. It's been in Watsons for a very long time now, but I never considered buying it. It looks so cute, cos of its furry leopard print puff and a glittery plastic container but nonetheless, pricey. It retails for $24.90, which you can get the better Melliesh from John Little at this price.

The puff itself should make most girls wanna buy it already

There was only 2/3 colours for samples. Don't think they sell the pink macaron colour.

From the swatch, Naked Skin is a sheer and frosty plum pink and Honey Toast is an orangey brown. Both are very shimmery, and not that pigmented (its 3 times I swatched). The colours are probably not that common in more major jap drugstore brands like Canmake and Majolica Majorca, but its pigment is definitely comparable to them. These colours also probably looks better on darker skin, for a healthy glow of some sort. The name itself is s…

EZEE rotating mascara feat Dawn Yang

Watsons is a must-go whenever I go to a place with one, cos it has all the super cool cosmetics all the way from America to Japan. Went to Vivo pretty recently and saw a new product in store - a rotating mascara! The brand's called EZEE, which is something I didn't hear of before... Anw. There was a sample so I went to see if it really rotates and not vibrate like the Maybelline one HAHA. Yes, it really rotates and there's even a left or right direction for its rotation, which is very helpful for doing both left and right eyelashes.

The standee, with a sample and flyers.
Since there was flyers, I hadda take one :P Pretty cool since there's both English and Chinese descriptions of the product. So it read...
The very FIRST rotating mascara! -Flexible 360 degree turn -Complete coverage for even the shortest lashes -Instant volumizing effect -Maintain long and lasting curls -EZEE to use, eyes will instantly stand out with a volumizing effect -Waterproof and smudge-free -Specially …

My Instagrams since... the start

...till now! (oldest --> newest)
1. Testing to link the app to my twitter~~ Random pic haha
2. Melliesh and Diamond Lash dupes! And a random other lash haha
3. Kumonster! Umm I mean Kumicky :P
4. My fave pic of Maru!
5. hehehe Ganguro Maguro :P
6. I damn act, I know...
7. I know, I super act...
8. Taken during alumni band prac!
9. Dhoby Ghaut mrt~ Taking the travellator cos Imma lazyass
10. Revlon ads in purple line Dhoby Ghaut~
11. Seoul Mart @ Vivocity. Expensive stuff~ 
12. Super cute hammies in Pet Safari @ Vivocity
13. Anqi and I before FEM's showcase!
14. Wow priority tickets to FEM's show~
15. With Jiaqi! (
16. This is pretty cool..
17. My chocobaby flown from Korea~

Cover cover

Hihihi. Made a new cover today! A song thats filled with emotions to the brim, Drunk On Sleep by Brown Eyed Girls. Pretty long since I make a cover, (enjoying holidays being an otaku) and doing nothing at home. Love such moments!!! Hehehe loved this song since I heard it. Hope they make a comeback soon~

Eng subbed --->


Melliesh in SG!!!

Hihihi! Went for an eye check-up and then Plaza Singapura for Ichiban! Walked around in Stardust and.....

Hohoho, Melliesh is here! It prolly has been here for awhile now, just that I havn't noticed it.. Hmm.. Anw! There isn't any samples so I couldn't swatch it :( They sell the full range of lipglosses and blushers. It feel so good to touch it~ Okay kinda exaggerating but it looks so cute! The colours are so cute too! :3 The best part, still, is the price. It isn't very pricey at all compared to online boutiques and stuff. They used to sell them at malicious prices online, HEHE. Yeah it took awhile for Dollywink and Melliesh to be readily available in SG...... *sigh*
Lipgloss - $25.90 Blushers - $24.90
Since JL's having some kinda sale now, GRAB IT.

Dolly Wink eyeshadow swatches & Avene Thermal Water spray

Hihihi I havn't blogged for a pretty long time! Had nothing interesting to blog about :D Went to Nihon Mura for lunch and Amk hub to get coin pouches and Avene thermal water spray, these are my only agenda... But why must I see this?! HOHOHO *strokes imaginary beard*

YESSSS ITS FINALLY IN AMK HUB HOHOHOHOHOHOHO (for me to take swatches~) *as if I'll buy them hehehe* Its kinda crazily priced on the $30+ range. Its a crazy price cos the colours were not uncommon and pigmentation wasn't as good as I thought. Plus, the whole thing is smaller than your palm, rather small and light. There's also the cream eyeshadows on display, didn't note the prices though.
The palettes~

Swatches! *click to view larger image*
Didn't swatch the brown palette because it looks rather... ordinary to me, like Canmake's Perfect Brown Eyes in 01. Not amusing to me... hehe. When I first saw the pictures online, I thought the orange x turqoise palette was neat. But actually, it isn't rea…

I give my first love to you

Hihi! I got this ytd!

 It's extremely pricey @ $22.90! :P (Accuracy of Death - $7. Whole series of Iris - $17.90. Koizora - $9.90. Who still even buy movies..? Me.) So yeah, it's pretty ex for just a movie. Maybe it's newer.... not sure. But It's super sad! Its kinda like Koizora, considering the guy has an illness too. Here's my very long but better-than-nothing yet not 100% accurate sypnosis of the story!

Takuma (guy) and Mayu (girl) are childhood friends. Takuma lives in the hospital where Mayu's father is the doctor, due to his heart condition since birth. They were very close and eventually became each other's first love, at a very tender age. While they're still kids, they overheard their parents talk - Takuma has a heart condition and couldn't live past 20. Mayu became greatly sad and looked for a four-leaf clover and prayed that Takuma would be able to grow up with her. Takuma promised her to grow up healthily and marry her. However, as they…