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Aww :')

Such an angel.

"Charmaine: Hello uncle, I'm Charmaine, what is your name?
Me: My name is J.
Charmaine: Hello uncle J, why are you alone?
Me: Because I'm used to being alone, where's your mummy?
Charmaine: Mummy is over there with my sister, she's very pretty you know, she's only 2 years old.
Me: And how old are you?
Charmaine: 5! I'm 5 years old!

I start laughing at how she's so responsive.

Charmaine: Do you love someone?
Me: I love my mom and dad and siblings.
Charmaine: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: (short pause) no I don't.
Charmaine: You should have a girlfriend, I heard girlfriends are angels, when I grow up, I want to be an angel!
Me: You will be, trust me.

And her mother comes to pick her up.

Charmaine: Bye uncle J! I hope you find an angel!"

-From J

Be nice

Srsly if you dont like it then dont see it. Simple as that. See alrd then gossip so much. Speech is free, so is the internet. People can post anything they want, even if its spam or brainless or irritating stuff cos the page is theirs. You can too. Its not nice at all doing such things. Have you ever thought of how she feel? How would you feel if people did the same as what you are doing to her? How will you handle it if you found out? I wonder how you will feel if you were her. Its alrd unfortunate enough that this is happening to her, and you think she deserved it blablabla? What if the same misfortune happened to you and someone said you deserved it? :)

You can bitch all you want, but put yourself in her shoes sometimes. Its just her thoughts she's posting. Im sure the stuff you post are as irritating as hers :) no one is speaking about it because they dont want to hurt your feelings. Spare a thought for others and they will for you too.

Grow up.

Look at it from a distance

Current favourite show

任侠ヘルパー  NINKYO HELPER (or Chivalrous Helper)

The main subject in this show is a home, where helpers are provided for either personal services in your house or staying at the home. Its sad that most people dump their parents due to sicknesses and the helpers themselves have very sad backgrounds. Meaningful show :')

The episode that was shown today is ep 6, "A Dementia Patients Love"

Roughly, its like this old woman in the home was an old man's first crush. However, they are both very old and the woman had her family. Her daughter heard about this and brought her mother home, to prevent further meeting of the two. She thinks it is embarrasing for someone that old to ever be in love again, and also since her mum has dementia, it may be that she mistook the old man for her dead husband. The helpers from the home even fought to whether it is appropriate for the two to be meeting. Then 2 helpers decided to help them meet. They went to her house to try their luck, but her d…

Make a wish

Makeup tutorial?

Was looking thru my webcam stuff while doing today's work. Found a vid - I tried to make a makeup tutorial! Totally forgotten the times I was that free and had too much time to spare. OH-EM-GEE. (check out my spastic/weird/blur face)

I am a cat

I don't know who is/ don't listen to SIA

turqoise contacts don't look good on me

Some some memo

haha this is a disgusting zilian shot of me off the reflecttion of Yuenyee's eupho. I rotated it so I am normal while the dont-know-who is upside down :P hahaha maybe I miss playing a eupho.. Yea that's my eupho beside me, <3 and omg my idiotic disgusting pink SE phone! HAHA I still have it

You Can Win

Hey Aaron. This cover is dedicated to you. I hope you keep fighting, because You Can Win. Not gonna see you for a year or so, will miss you. Though the DCWF gang only known for awhile and didn't really meet up often, we are people you can count on. Yea, bank on our friendship. As long as you are alive, there are always chances.

♫ Cover: You Can Win (David Choi) ♪
Hahaha no music, only my voice and bg noises :P

You Can Win

You can win this fight
You don't have to listen
To anything I say
There's nothing I could do
You take my breath away
And all that I believe in
I'm slowly drowning here with you

I tell you that I'm here
And I tell you what I feel
But I feel you're so far
And I don't know where you are
You tell me what you think
You tell me that you're trying
I want to believe you are
I want to believe you are

And I won't say you're wrong


Everything I hide
Is held inside your chest
With every single heartbeat
My picture fades to gray
I bel…

First 2 little happiness of 2011


Hahaha my 2011 didn't exactly start out very happily or something, but there are two little things that made my day better.

I've got replies from David Choi and Bubzbeauty!!!

Haha they are like my fave YouTube stars, so yea. :D

First was David Choi, on 1st Jan!

And Bubzbeauty last night!
Haha, miss bubz asked how to remove permanent marker ink.
Don't say it isn't a big deal or show-off or something! Cos little things like this makes me a lil happier :)

Takecare and bye!

Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why

My favourite super hero has got to be..
Bubbles! (I chose the fiercest picture of her, hehe)
That's because she's damn cute, damn lovey dovey to animals and all, but she still saves the day. Most importantly, she's made of sugar, spice and everything nice (and chemical X) haha. I loved to watch PPG when I was young, and can recite the narration at the beginning and even sing their songs! (love love love love love love makes the world go round~)
I feel most inspired by her when I was young.
Bye!!! And takecare

Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

A picture of somewhere I've been to...
HK Disneyland with CBSB! Specially took this pic when I was there, cos I bet I'll never enter this area again.

Thanks for reading and takecareeee~