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Shiseido Naturgo mask


I decided to do this mask recently that came free with my Gmarket purchases. Its pretty cheap if you buy it online, and be sure to choose a good price. From most blogshops I saw, it ranges from $0.80 to $2. So choose wisely and better still, buy from suppliers woohoo.

I thought I can just do it discreetly in my room. But..

It's black!
Leave it on for 30 mins for it to completely dry and peel off. Then rinse. You can use it only as a nose pack and can be used ard 2-3 times depending on how much you use. I used it on my whole face, chilled :D

*refreshed max*



I had "Peach Float" and fruitips just before UT! Peach Float is just peach juice + peach puree in a crazily crazily sweet sweet sweet taste. SUCKS. SO CRAZILY SWEET. I poured away some and filled in water instead. I LOVE FRUITIPS~
It was UT for creative concepts on Mon, sucks cos we ended DMA lesson at 12 and UT's at 4!!! Why cant it be held on another day where we end at the usual 3.30 -.- sucha bad time. So I went to AMK hub to get myself.. Pepper Lunch and a Canmake concealer (with my $5 Watsons voucher i got for spending $60 on prev purchase). Haha was thinking whether to get the stick concealer or liquid one. Eventually got the liquid one cos its more blendable and the colour isn't so strict. Yay for discounts and points! (How can I ever resist Watsons...)
Fiberwig mascara @ $25, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner @19.90, Canmake stretch and cover concealer in 02 @ $18.90, Canmake shading powder in 02 @ 2 for $20! I use many products in 02.. The canmake shading…

I need to work veryveryvery hard...

wanna guess what I got for new media Communications.. though its only a daily grade.. kinda sadded. aiya I know I did quite badly on my page but what. I never come for 1st lesson on it, also Cluelesssssss.

Change is the only Constant. (introduCtion to Css)

Hint of my grade: Check out all the Caps on this post other than "I"

dont like. shall practice some codes since I've LOA.

Cs stain my grades. including this is my second C for this sem in all my mods. aiya not bad la. but im stained. stained.....

(nah not so serious. im kidding abt the stained part)


Day 12 - 3 random things in my room

SKIPSKIPSKIP. Hehe I can't think of what to do for days 8-11, so SKIPSKIPSKIP :D

Hmm.. 3 random things in my room...

Kikkoman. Lol I eat sushi often so I have this in my room.....................
Signed G.NA's album! (A momento of 10 hours of sweat and butt aches)
Toothpicks X floss.


some some Malaysia


Was checking out my drive and saw some pics I took in Msia earlier this year. So yea, I decided to blog! :D

I stayed at Genting, and there are two drinks that are readily available in SG but I just don't see it. Lol.
First, its the...... ROSE SYRUP FLOAT! When the ice-cream melted, it tasted exactly like bandung. Except that its super sweet. So I didnt finish it. $3+RM I think..


And.. Ribena float! Okay this is maybe more common than rose syrup float in SG. But nevertheless, too sweet.

And taadaa! SG has white and pink and maybe black version but I spotted this banana coloured one! Hehe.