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So I could do better..

Click to enlarge :) So I could have gotten an A instead of a B...

Back to school

Back to scribes and leaders, back to PDTs and powerpoints, back to meetings and breaks, back to bitches and bastards, back to great and free-load team members, back to Haven and South foodcourt, back to CE stuff and Pet Society, BACK TO SEM 2 IN RP.


It's my second day of school today. Been having breaks with E37H sem 1 peeps. Luv them <3 it feels like I dislike everyone in this class. Lol I need time I guess. Need time to know them, to work with them. Feels good having E37H sem 1 peeps on the same level as me! Qilah is just next door! Amy is around too~ Haha epic for today's break. Met Qilah and coincidentally Amy and Sandeep. Then JL in the lift cos he's on the 7th floor when we're on the 5th. Love days like this~

I don't like being on the 5th floor. The lift coming down from level 7 is always full :(

My new class, E35H, LIKE 9/10 are kpop people. Haha! Craziness. And from my observation, the most like groups are SNSD and SHINee! *throws confetti* K LO…

Etude House & Daiso


Imma blog about my buys from Etude House and Daiso!

Firstly from Etude House, I got a Magic BB Pact in #02 Natural Beige ($34.90) and Proof 10 Jewelry auto pencil in sparkling black ($17.90). Okay, pricey stuff. But I got the membership (spend $50), an O2 mask (the one they gave out since their opening) and a sample-sized Precious Minerals BB cream in the form of a hangee! (Hangee in my language: something that is hangable, lol!)

So this is the Proof 10 Jewelry auto pencil..

teehee I couldn't take a nice pic of mine so I got this online! Anw this is their full range of makeup used to achieve the 2NE1 look! Reaaaaally tempting but nah, I think I'll use this the most so I got it. Its black with gold glitters in it. キラキラ! (kira kira; shiny/ bling/ sparkly)
The foil packaging.. BUT NO MINZY AS SEEN IN THE 2NE1 PIC :(
LOOK!!! A sharperner at the end! How useful omg! Cos I hate blunt auto pencils. And the pink is like the holo kind that reflects some gold that cannot be captured…

complete the sentences~

1. I love: eating

2. I don't understand: Maths

3. When I wake up in the morning: I feel like P. Diddy

4. Life is full of: unfairness

5. I get annoyed very quickly when: I dislike what you just said/ I am doing

6. Parties are: for kids

7. Female Dogs are: your teachers

8. Cats are: sinfully cute

9. Tomorrow is: W3dn35day

10. I have a low tolerance for: food

Boring ol' day


So I was damn tired and bored. Aching everywhere from swimming ytd... :(

Went hub with Jamie just now~ Pretty happy with my buys~

1. Essential Nuance Airy shampoo~ 2. Peach bath salt~ 3. Milk bath salt~ 4. Canmake Perfect Brown Eyes quad~

Firstly, the shampoo smells damn good :D yummax! I've used the orange one before and decided to try the pink one after it finished. So after this bottle finishes I will see which is better and buy the bigger bottle one~ :D

The bath salt looks pretty cute too!~ Cant wait to try them~ Peach and Milk~

This is how the quad looks like.. This is in 01 Deep Brown~ There are 3 palettes in total. 01 Deep Brown, 02 Natural Brown and 03 Glitter Brown. Personally, I bought this cos it had a black in it. The others did not have and the browns were pretty light. A very interesting thing is.. The bottom left one is a cream/ gel! Use a finger to apply as a base~ Cool stuff! And there's a little mirror on the underside of the cover.. only enough to see a lil b…

G.NA sticky!!


As you may or may not know of G.NA, she is a Korean singer who been through a lot just to debut.. Her story is very inspiring, thus I took a liking in her. Great voice.

She came to SG on 28 Sept and held her first solo promotions outside Korea here, in SG. It was an autograph session on 29th. She even performed her song, Supa Solo!

Anw this Sticky sweet was made as a gift to her and also fans. Its $5 a pack, (ex.....). But yummax! :D Really thoughtful of the fanclub.

And a big thank you for cubegnasg on twitter for helping people get albums and updating on G.NA! Great effort :)




So I changed my URL.
Fennimisu? So damn act cute right :3

Cos abcdefenny is alrd someone else's twitter, so I changed to this.

Thanks for taking note, bye!!! :D