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Day 7 - A photo that makes me happy


The photo that makes me happy is...

Class outing! (FAILED) Like less than 10 people turned up and left with 6. Anw I really miss my oppas! No more "oppas team"... Hmm really hope there'll be another class outing soon..
Everything's moving so fast. Time and tide.. Please wait for me..

Hahaha got some blog ads thing I wanna do! Like can win stuff :D But I think.. I'll consider. HAHA

So busy with volunteering stuff.. Os.. Band.. G.NA!

Pausality (lol)

Don't ask me what's pausality cos I made it up. Lol

Think imma stop doing the blog challenge for awhile now.. Getting bored of it.. Life is bored. Sch pls start soon. Anw that's a mask. Lol.



Day 6 - A confession


A confession is that..

...I don't know I think I'll think abt it and post this tmr

Edited on 22/9: Oh I remembered. A confession is that I have mixed feelings about someone who used to be a part of my life. Dont know if its good or bad. Miss the good and bad times...


Day 5 - My favourite quote


So this is my favourite quote..

There is no goal better than this one: to know as you lie on your deathbed that you lived your true life, and you did whatever made you happy

-Steve Chandler

The worst thing is to regret..


Day 4 - My favourite book


Books are kinda an issue to me..

Frankly, I havn't read a proper book for a long time. The last time I bought a book was called Marked, the beginning of a vampire book series. I havnt read it.. Just for show during sec sch assembly periods that I have a book. I think I bought it for $17+?  Yea and later I realised some of my friends were borrowing the series from the sch library, but nah I still didnt read it.

Last year, during one of my most depressed periods, my Maths cum co-form teacher, Mr Wong, lent me a very inspiring book. Its Veronika decides to die. Basically that was my drive then, and yea it gave me a great push. Thank you very much Mr Wong. I remember how I had "counselling" with Mr Wong and I will end up crying and people who walk past will stare stare stare. Haha. I guess this is the most inspiring book..

And I bought a SG True Ghost Stories book though I considered it a taboo for me to own one. I bought it cos Russell Lee was there. In J8's pop…

DUO eyelash adhesive!


DUO eyelash adhesive! Very waterproof and sticks very well! Pricey though.. Used by many MUAs and gurus like Michelle Phan also! Hehe so credible. Anw I got it like a year ago and its still not dried up yet!
This is used to stick your eyelashes together so you can pluck them off easily. Can be used to stick eyebrow together so that its easier to pluck out also. Very useful right! Also can be used to prank ur friends by applying it on their chair and when they sit, DAAAAANG. It can stick really well after being dried to a more tacky state.
I mean it can stick ur falsies firmly to ur eyes and can be peeled off easily and the excess can be rubbed off.

I don't know where you can get it. Because I'm selfish.
Cos I havnt been updating myself on where they sell it. I wanna get another one too.


Day 3 - my favourite tv programme


My favourite tv show is............ Invincible Youth! Its a Korean show where (originally) 7 girls from various girl-groups work in a farm. They were known as G7 and were orginally Sunny and Yuri from SNSD, Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls, Hara from Kara, Hyomin from T-ara, Seonhwa fomr Secret and Hyuna fomr 4minute. It's a very meaningful show because they were made to plant stuff, harvest stuff, catch their own food and such. Also, there would be guests sometimes. It was 2PM on today's ep! Currently, G7 consists of Victoria from f(x), Juyeon from After School, Sori, Narsha, Hara, Hyomin and Seonhwa. But the show is still very nice!!! I cant wait for every next ep! I really really hope the show never ends! Yay!

Hehe, I think I gotta have some corn now.


Day 2 - My favourite movie


This is the 2nd post on the 30-day blog challenge.
And the 2nd topic is.. My favourite movie!

My favourite movie has got to be Koizora hands-down. I can watch a zillion times and still cry while watching.

Storyline made short and obviously not 100% accurate.

Girl meets guy in school while her friend went to the guy's friend's class. Guy is interested in girl. Guy pranks girl so that they can exchange numbers. Guy and girl talks on the phone everyday. Guy and girl decided to meet up. Girl saw guy and "WOW HE HAS WHITE HAIR". Girl got scared, runs away. Later smitten by guy's kindness. Got together. Girl got raped. Rape was arranged by guy's ex. Guy confronts ex. Guy and girl met up in library and has sex. Girl pregnant. Jealous ex pushes girl down, killing baby. Later guy decides to break off girl (because of illness but didnt want girl to worry). Girl damn sad. Girl finds out from guy's friend that guy has some terminal illness. Guy and girl got to…

Day 1 - My favourite song


This is day one of the 30-day blog challenge, and I'm gonna blog about my favourite song!

ITS SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it is.. Heavenly Days by Aragaki Yui!
The song has such beautiful meaning and fits very well into the show which starred her, Koizora or Sky Of Love. Another reason is that I love Japan! Beautiful place.

Everyday is a heavenly day, which we are all truly lucky to have. Truly lucky to be able to be alive. To count one's blessing is bliss. Contented in life :)

I have MANY fave songs actually, at different times of my life. My other faves were:
Jap - Cassis, Silly God Disco, Agony, Filth in the beauty and Distress and coma by The GazettE
Korean - Haebaragi by Gavy NJ and MANY MORE
Chinese - LIANG WEN YIN'S!!!
English - David Choi's!!! I don't really like English songs...


The 30-day blog challenge

The 30 day blog challenge.

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A nice song..


Saw this MV on channel [V], just. I used to like this song a lot.
The European art feeling gave me so much goosebumps! The MV was well shot.
So there are such beautiful places on Earth...

蕭敬騰 - 給.愛人

The sky..


These are old pics from my other memory card, shot with my fujimomopard cam :D
The view outta my room. Haha one fine day where all was fine and the weather was fine and my mood was fine :) I liked taking pics of the sky.. 18.10.2008

@Hongkong's Victoria Peak, what a lovely orange Sun :) 21.11.2008
@my balcony, one fine morning before I head to school~ 23.5.2009
from the same view, some time later from the prev pic.. The Sun is higher! 23.5.2009
I like this a lot! Out of my room, above the next block. Its a dark cloud with a faint rainbow beneath! Can see? can can can? 21.4.2009
another morning before I head to school~ 13.6.2009
And lastly, something that I only saw once in my life.. Its a rainbow in the sky! (like most rainbows are across the sky and looked like they are curved into somewhere on land but isnt or maybe is) It was spotted by my cousin out of my grandma's house window. So cool! Like circled around the Sun! 12.5.2009

There's only one piece of sky, no skies. We are a…

My week in a post :D


So I got myself 2 Canmake blushers! In PW05 Pink Orange and PW20 Lollipop Pink. The peachy one looks natural, but the pink one looks too barbiesh a.k.a. too fake. If too fake why still buy right! Hehe cos I wanna try and match up with some kinda make up. Its 14.90 for one, with a total of $5.90 discount for the total. So its $23.9 for both a.k.a. $11.95 for one. Reasonable! And its from Watsons so you get points~

Thanks to Cheris who got me these! Geo's Super Nudy Pink lenses! But a day later... blue nudies tore! :( I think it got stuck in-between the cap and the case and when I twisted it open.. R.I.P blue nudies 16.8.2010 - 9.9.2010

And are pets allowed on the MRT? She even took out her hammy and play! But it was entertaining so thanks ah! (its so cute and squeezable~ but the cage was rather messy inside :/)

And was watching Arirang when I saw this weather forecast. SHE LOOKS LIKE MBLAQ'S THUNDER!!! SO ALIKE!!! OMG!!!
This is Thunder. Alike? OMG SO ALIKE!!! ( I like t…


I want baked potato with sour cream, bacon and spring onions,
                        Takoyaki with lots of sauce and mayo,

MOS's hamburger, MOS's corn soup, Unagi don, MOS's fish burger fries, KFC's original chicken, Heinz's ketchup, Lettuce, Mayonnaise!!!, Tea with milk, Mustard Mac's nuggets, Pasta sauce!!!, Pepsi!!! Pizza!!!!, Seaweed rice crackers, Japanese abalone KIKKOMAN SOY SAUCE!




Paul & Joe lipsticks in a CAT SHAPE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love neko-chans ttm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think kitties are the cutest animals on Earth. But I doubt I will use it even if I buy, because they are so cute!!! Who'd wanna ruin the cute design on it!!! However there are only 3 shades available: Exotic Pink, Pink Beige and Pearl Orange. Can't wait to check them out!