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Had Pepper Lunch for lunch (obviously...) with bro today. They actually said that the beef was not delivered yet! :'( Its alrd 3 plus in the noon, so sad! Was looking forward to curry beef pepper rice so much! So hadda order the chicken one instead, without curry, with cheese.. dont really like!!!

Anw, while on my way to meet my bro, 2 lil girls approached me with a donation can. I rejected. Simply because they are not convincing enough I guess.

1. They look insincere. Like didnt even ask, just pointed it to me with a buey song face. Hello, atleast smile?
2. They didn't explain which organisation they were from, lol. Its always a must to know where my $$$ goes if I were to donate. Just incase its some fraud or con, lol.
3. Lastly and most importantly, BOTH of them were wearing a KISS ME SG (Singapore's U-KISS fanclub) tee. Without them saying which organisation they were from, obviously I looked at what they wore. And obviously I was "KISSME?!" like as in…

Daddy's goldfishes

I think its funny, how this fish's mouth is. Like O. V---------------
Anw its my dad's goldfishes. For auspicious reasons, he got 8 of them. I would usually feed it if I happen to passby while doing chores or something, but nah never intentionally cos I didnt like them. They looked silly. And they're damn prize-driven. Whenever someone goes to the tank, they will crowd around as if food is there, is coming to them. I would very much like to teach them, that not always, there is food when people come. Like just.. go infront of the tank and wave or sit or stand or eat or play coin dozer. Just not feeding them. But why the trouble right, teehee.
Yea and I give quite a lot of food when I feed them, cos its always SOME that eats it all. I'm afraid that some don't get to eat/ (as much). To those who dont get as much food as the other, FIGHT FOR IT! You have to come and get it, and not wait for it to drift to you.
Another thing is that I love making fun of them. My bro too…

Goodbye David Choi :'(

David Choi wished me happy birthday! :D
Met Jamie 25 MINUTES LATE cos she was late. Haha. And yes, very very happy to be able to send David off. And we're gonna be in his vid! Lol! But yea, so cool. And he recognized me in Timbre! "Hey we meet again! You came to see me before right?" Aww :')

Chatted a lil on whether we enjoyed his shows. Took some pics. Pics on my fb! Will post here tmr haha.

And omg, Natalie surprised me with a damn cute doraemon cake and even with a note! :') so touched, somehow. Maybe cos I planned to just sleep at home this birthday, haha.

Thanks Nat for the OMG SO CUTE Doraemon cake though I didnt like the taste. And for the card! So touched :') and yea, thanks to Jamie for the awkward album (HAHA!) and the bunch of sweets which I totally wouldn't eat, sorry! :D My bro's gonna have it all :P
And after sitting at Polar for quite long, I saw my Enterprise faci and his family! His daughter is so cute, hahaha. But she turns away from m…


Cool, my first selca with a superstarrrrrrrrr.
David Choi!!!

I look damn cui because it was quite late and was damnnnn tired.
He looks erm.. whuttt? :x
yea and didnt have time to tidy up cos AUNTY PAULINE was rushing everyone :(

Gonna send him off tmr morning! Happy and sad :')

*answer for previous trivia will be revealed tmr!!!!!!!!!! :D

Samsung/ YOG concert feat Zhang Dong Liang

20/9/2010 - Samsung/ YOG concert featuring Zhang Dong Liang!

Hahaha yea, after Jamie and I went for Daivd Choi's autograph session, we went to meet up with her SLC friends and went for the Samsung/ YOG concert! We only went for Zhang Dong Liang and :(, it was drizzling. Luckily I brought my umbrella and poncho, so we didnt have to wipe the seats! Yay!

WOWWW fireworks behind this screen!!!

WOWWW luv his voice

This was pretty much my best enjoyed moment cos there were bubbles! And the wind blew it to us and we hadda great time bursting it :D seriously, damn fun!

Hehehe okay pretty much about all, cos it was short anw. But his songs were nice! Except a few where I didnt recognise. And many ppl requested for xiao wu gui, but he did not prepare so he sang a lil without the music! So sincere~

Okie byeeee David Choi @ Timbre Old School tmr!!!

夏祭り 2010!!! ♪(´ε` )

22/8/2010 - Natsu Matsuri


Jamie & I went to the 夏祭り (Natsu Matsuri) or Summer Festival in the Japanese School, Changi! Its so crazy.. Sat in the scorching Sun since 12 or 1 plus till 4 plus! I got tanned :( But keke we sat on her poncho and used my umbrella for shelter, cool. Somewhat more lucky or luxurious than the other queuers :P Met some new people while queueing, no pics though. Brandon, Mindy and I-forgotten-his-name. Played Monopoly Deal with them. It was totally Greek to me but got on track pretty fast. Keke. Worst thing: many inconsiderate people simple cut out queue! Like they went infront and stood by the sides till the gate opened. We got so agitated and angry, cos we suffered for so long and they simply cut the queue? Hais.. Some people were alrd in yukatas, and their makeup was melting :P Yea so finally the queue moved and daaaang, bought a game ticket each and an entrance ticket. And daaaaaang, queue again! Aww, we didnt manage to rent yukatas so it all suc…

David Choi's Meet & Greet / Baybeats

Fri 20/8 - David Choi's meet & greet session in 313 HMV
Sat 21/8 - Baybeats @ Esplanade feat David Choi!

For those who don't know who he is, he is a very cool Youtube star!
Check out this vid of him, WATCHING ME EAT :D Cool song!
*kindly pause my blog sing at the right hand bottom corner first :)

Hehehe so yea, I'm not really a fan of him before I met him. Just went cos I agreed to pei Jamie. But omg really! Started listening to his songs that night and WOWWW.

Some pictures:

Kekeke, he's quite petite!

Lol that's not my album he's signing cos I wasn't a fan of him yet :D But that's me la, handing him an album to sign.

The new friends Jamie & I met there! The tall guy - Aaron. In black blazer beside Jamie, its Natalie! And lastly its Liping on the extreme left, and she's a CBSS alumni!  Such coincidence!

Kekeke lastly, we went for the lasttttt song of his performance at Esplanade. Was at Natsu Matsuri in Japanese School in Changi and rushhhhhed …

Fried rice

I tried making fried rice last night, freestyle. Firstly I melted butter and added garlic to fry till golden brown. Smells great! Then I added the rice and more butter and mixed. And then cut hotdog, potato, ketchup and chilli. Sucks like hell. Reeks of butter, tangy like ketchup yet spicy, all at the same time. But I ate half the portion though :D No pic of it, too unpresentable. What. A. Chore.