Sunday, August 10, 2014

[REVIEW] ioma Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++


Its been a really long time since I updated! Besides being busy with my daily work, I'm also trying out new products so here's a review of a product I was given awhile ago!

I was invited to the ioma Cell Protector launch awhile ago and had a skin analysis. Through this machine, I better understand my skin's concerns. It was totally not what I thought it was! For a long time, I thought my skin was dehydrated and kept spamming moisturizers and mists, but it turned out that my main concern was bacterial activity (the rest were within the healthy range). That explains the pimples and all but I totally have no idea how to deal with that. ioma provides customized solutions to almost every type of skin so do get your FREE skin analysis to better understand how to address your concerns! It is really important to get a professionally analysed skin because who knows, you are doing your skincare all wrong.

Only the bacterial activity was in the "bad" level, and I'm glad to see that I'm doing fine for the rest of the conditions.

Moving on to introduce their latest product, the ioma Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++! Its a sunscreen which does more that preventing sun damage - but also environmental stress (pollution, smoking, climate etc). According to the product info, "the combination of all environmental stress factors can cause premature skin ageing: loss of elasticity and firmness, the appearance of dark spots, loss of radiance and wrinkle formation." This product should be used after your skincare (ioma products are numbered for easy usage, and the number 7 on the product meant it should be used as a step 7, while e.g. moisturizers are 3 and cleansers are 1.) 

It is a good size to travel with and the pump is also really cool. You have to twist silver cap to erect the pump.

The product comes out off-white, while fully blending gives your skin a subtle glow.

I have used it daily the past month or so, as a first step for my makeup routine. The product is easily blendable, does not feel dry, but a wee bit sticky. Then I apply my powder foundation and the rest of the routine. I feel that it prolongs the powder and my face is relatively matte for about 6 hours. It doesn't cause me any breakouts or reactions, and I really love it as a primer and sunscreen, withstanding Singapore's humidity.

The ioma Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++ is available at Isetan Singapore, at $85 (30ml).

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Cushion all thing err thing


As you would have probably came across since some time ago, most (Korean) beauty brands have released their own versions of a cushion compact, that either stores BB creams, bases, CC creams, foundations etc. Thanks to my friend Andy, I got one of Etude House's latest BB cushion compact! Its not exactly a review since I havn't used it a lot, but I just wanted to talk about its first impression. Its called Etude House Lock'n Summer Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion, which has SPF 50 and supposedly is very lasting and "summer proof". Singapore has always been wet (hot or cold) so I am always open to such summery products, recalling how much I loved their Sun BB.

I think it lasted pretty much the same as their original Any Cushion formula, just that the coverage is not as good. Any Cushion has greatttt coverage and lasts pretty much like 8 hours on me, only that the SPF is slightly lower. The coverage is somewhat like a tinted moisturizer without the moisture >.< I did not regret buying this summer edition, just that I will not repurchase it. I only bought the refill since I had the casing, hehehe.

No proper pictures because I didn't plan to review it. Anyway the inside it looks the same as all the other cushion BB thingies :)

I went to Etude House's website just only, and guess what.. They released more cushions.. I'M LIKE WHUTTT EYELINER CUSHION?! Blusher cushion is probably fathomable but whuttt, eyeliner..? (Wouldn't the brush get split ends when you stick it into the cushion/sponge?) Okay so the full name is Lock'n Summer Proof 10 Cushion Lock'n Liner and the blusher is simply Cushion Blusher. The names of the colors are so rock-ish, and I guess therefore the name Lock'n?

Colors: PK001 Hey Yo Pink & OR201 Shake It Coral -.-...

Colors: BK801 DJ Black, BR401 Peace Brown, RD301 Scream Red, BL601 Go Blue & PP501 Luck Purple -.-...

Definitely wanna try these just to see how summer proof they are! So far, I'd say that you can skip the Proof Any Cushion if you already have the original formula of Any Cushion. Hehehe thanks for reading!
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Penang Street Food Affair at Feast@East Buffet Restaurant


Was invited to try Feast@East Buffet's Restaurant new spread of Penang street food a few days ago. Frankly I never had a taste for spicy food so I was on the edge about it before I went. Feast@East is a buffet restaurant inside Grand Mecure Roxy Hotel which usually serves an international spread of food. For a limited time only (till 15/6/14), they are dishing out popular Penang street food like Assam Laksa, Penang Kway Teow and a colorful array of desserts on top of some typical buffet dishes like fresh seafood and fruits.

Clean and bright setting 

DIY Rojak area

No buffet is complete without these! 

Fresh seafood upon your order

I especially loved how the colorful dessert area was adorned! 

I sampled a few of their specialities - Chilli Crab, Beef with X.O. Sauce, Steamed Beancurd with Oyster Sauce and Assam Curry Fish with Yam Rice. It was actually really good!

Beef with X.O. Sauce was one of my favourite meat dish at the spread

I thought this was really cute - an ice-kachang machine!! Omg how fun it is to make your own and drizzle the syrup and all

Top, clockwise: Prawn Noodles, Assam Laksa, Penang Kway Teow, Laksa.

Besides the help-yourself setting, there's also a station for fresh and on-the-spot cooked food which I truly appreciate. They serve prawn noodles, laksa, Penang kway teow, assam laksa and freshly shucked seafood. The assam laksa has gotta be my fave food from their Penang spread!!! I've never tasted anything like that and I thought it was nice to incorporate traditional food in modern hotel buffets. Definitely recommend this place to please daddy's palate this Fathers' Day! 

Mention "Eastie Brekkie" for 10% off their Fathers' Day promo from now till 15/6!

More info:

Mon – Thu (except eve of & on P.H.)
Lunch: Adults $42 Child $21 Senior Citizens $34
Dinner: Adults $45 Child $23 Senior Citizens $36

Fri – Sun (except eve of & on P.H.)
Lunch: Adults $48 Child $24 Senior Citizens $38
Dinner: Adults $52 Child $26 Senior Citizens $40

Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore
50 East Coast Road
Roxy Square
Level 3

Contact number:
+65 6340 5665