Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mossy eyeshadows :(

Hi there!

I've never had a makeup item that mosses up even though its expired and stuff, so this was quite an amusement when I saw. It is exactly a year now, and these glitter eyeshadows from Etude House seem to be layered with some fuzzy moss on top. Its quite a waste that they are part of a palette so I threw both palettes away :( Just a disclaimer that I really loved Etude House eyeshadows as they're well pigmented, available in many colors and very affordable.


Dear My Blooming eyeshadow palette. I hardly use this so I didn't feel that sad when I dumped it.

&Rose eyeshadow palette. I was really sad, as this palette is my favourite go-to eyeshadow :( This palette's colors were very easy to wear & well coordinated, for a fuss-free yet complementing look. I would buy it again if its still sold!

Oh well 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Facial at Sylvia Skin Atelier


I went for a facial at Sylvia Skin Atelier last Friday, and ready to share my experience after a week! I read many reviews online (by bloggers, too) about this place and it definitely hyped my expectations after seeing the fancy treatments and luxurious setting!

Luxurious and comfortable interior

Though I wasn't personally attended to by its founder Ms Sylvia Yeo, (yes I've done my homework) she was someone of intense experience in the beauty industry and is very knowledgeable about skincare and beauty procedures. She herself was the representation of what to expect from her establishment; flawless skin and luxurious indulgence.

The whole process began with consultation - the beautician had my makeup removed and briefly looked at my skin before explaining to me which type of facial she'll be doing. As mentioned in my previous post regarding a skin analysis, my skin was amply moisturized but had some bacteria therefore the blemishes. The beautician saw that I had acne and some scarring so she advised a gentle yet effective skin renewal facial to lighten scars but does not aggravate the blemishes. She also explained that the more popular facials there are the slimming, firming and moisturizing types so they do have different procedures to meet your skin concerns.

Makeup removed, you can see the obvious acne scarrings.

Prologue: I didn't want to do any extraction of blackheads or acne whatsoever because I prefer to do it myself due to my sensitive skin. Such facials usually constitutes of this step to help unclog pores and remove dirt. I have checked, and the beautician said that their facial includes extraction usually.

Firstly, she cleansed my skin and then tidied my eyebrows. I usually don't trust anyone to do it because I took great care to maintain its shape. Her skills were great as she only tidied the sides without messing my eyebrow shape.

Then, she applied a chemical peel liquid with a 20% concentration and we waited for it to work. Felt a little tingly, but nothing uncomfortable. Peeling is an exfoliation step, and is much more gentle than scrubs. After awhile, she applied another liquid which was a booster for the exfoliation to be more effective. As the peeling liquid is acidic, she sprayed down a neutralizer and that was the end of the exfoliation process. No harsh scrubs that stresses the face or equipment used. The she applied a peel-off mask and finished with with some rose water to close the pores naturally. There was no unpleasant afterfeel but there was a slight redness which was very normal for most kinds of facial as it also testifies to a product working and having an effect on the skin.

The whole process was quite fast but definitely not rushed; it was finished in about 40 minutes maybe due to the exclusion of the extraction procedure. The beautician was also very meticulous as she had explained to me what she was gonna do exactly with what product and also exactly how I should feel so that it wouldn't "shock" me. Also by letting me see the products used, it puts me at ease to know that they will not cause any adverse reactions. She then advised on aftercare as she said that it was better not to be exposed to too much sun the next few days because the skin renewal process would still be working. I pretty much nua my weekends away at home, so there wasn't any discomfort even though the skin renewal process may still be working.

I have been observing the effectiveness of the facial. After a week, I did notice a few more blemishes popping around but its normal because its part of skin renewal to bring the dirt up to the surface, albeit purging. As this was a one-time thing, I havn't seen any obvious result to my acne scarring or skin texture. Definitely, my skin felt more clean after that but it only lasted the night. The process is very rejuvenating and relaxing.

Location wise, it is really easy to find the place being just at a junction (upstairs one of my favourite place for truffle fries hehehe) and a banner hangs for easy recognition. If you know where Katong I12 is, its diagonally opposite. I havn't got to see all the rooms but the room I was in. The lobby/ reception area was fancy and bright, adorned with luxurious details. The room was adequate, much like other salons.

The room I was in

I have to give it to this very friendly beautician who did something no other beautician has done when she knew that I was to review this place - she whipped out a ring light to light my pictures in the dim room! The light is the one you see at the side of the room, meant for better vision when doing detailed procedures and is present at every other facial reviews I did but none of the beauticians offered to use it for my pictures! The staffs were generally well-groomed and exhibit a good behaviour (I've to facials with noisy chattering staffs omg) so you'd definitely get to wind down without any disturbance at this place. I really appreciated that the staffs did no try to chat me up or hard sell because it would totally affect the experience.

  • 131 East Coast Road, #04-01
  • Singapore, Singapore 428816
  • (diagonally opposite I12 Katong)

Contact: (65) 6344 7333

Saturday, September 20, 2014

[REVIEW] K-Palette 1 Day Magic Series


I was given the latest series of K-Palette's, the 1 Day Magic series and I'm ready to give my verdict after using it the past month!

At the launch, we were taught by a Japanese makeup artist on how to create a big-eyed and dolly look using these products. Here's a pic on how Japanese use these items to change their look pretty dramatically >.< I used the items according to this page and this is how I turned out, at the end of the post >.<

Now on to the review!

The mascara is double-ended; one end is the fibres and one end is the mascara. I always use fibre mascaras but the fibres are already inside the mascaras, and not seperated and in loose form like this. This mascara is able to transform the pathetic, thin and sparse lashes of mine into natural looking falsies (and I'm not even exaggerating!) when layered on. The thing about this mascara is that I personally feel that the loose fibre is lighter than those fibre that comes in white liquid tubes, so it doesn't feel heavy despite building the layers. I took 2 times of mascara and 1 time of fibers to attain this result. However, I add an extra step to comb the lashes with an eyebrow comb after each layer so it doesn't clump, as I predicted that it will since its layering. If you only want a natural look, do only use the mascara (and maybe a layer of fibre) as it is waterproof so it holds curls well too!

I once owned their tattoo eyeliner and I find this eyeliner more suitable for me. The tattoo eyeliner left a blue stain on my eyelids (honestly I hated it) though being extremely long-lasting. Consistent with their previous liners, the tip is super fine and is of a good rigidity to draw a smooth and intense line without breaks. This is long-lasting yet it doesn't stain! Woohoo! I think the price is also reasonable considering the quality of this product. Definitely able to withstand the humidity in Singapore!

I was also given this eyelid glue which can be used to create eyelid creases or as a falsie glue. I already have double eyelids so I tried this as a falsie glue instead. I feel that it lasts about 4 hours before the inner end of it started to come slightly loose. I think it'll work better as an eyelid glue even though I never tried. Maybe I should try to make my eyelids higher... maybe. Its a clear liquid (not white) so it looked very natural :)

Lastly, an awesome all-in-one palette. This contour palette is really good! You can highlight, shade and there's even two blush colors for your to match your skin tone. I really like the peach!!!!!!!!! This can be used on the whole face so I believe this can be used as an eyeshadow as well. The contouring effect is really good considering this is only one small palette. It'll be great to use as a touch-up when you're outside too. Only downside probably that the brush is a little too tiny for the purpose, though being small, you can better define your features.

Here's a before > after! (excuse the cui face > derp face haha)

Its been awhile since I used Japanese cosmetics (all the Korean rage now) and I'm thankful to be able
to try this set out. They're all so useful and affordable, I would recommend this to anyone, especially beginners because they're easy to use and gives a great result.

It's already launched in Watsons and more so do check them out!