Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Annie's Way masks


Its been awhile since I posted anything, and here's a review of my current holy grail mask!!! I actually already heard of it (bubzbeauty & other beauty bloggers rave so much about it!) and it just landed in Singapore SASA a few weeks ago.

The first time I saw it, I wanted the best selling Hyaluronic (blue one) but they were sold out so I got the charcoal one (was on some kinda introductory offer, 20% off $32.90 = $26.32). I loveeedd it so I thought I'd pick 2 more from the range. On the pamphlet, it felt like the Hyaluronic one and Rose one would suit my skin so I went back for more. But the staff mentioned that the Hyaluronic one was still out of stock and that the Rose one was not gonna be sold in SG. Bummer! I settled for two other ones, Aloe & Calendula (was again on some kinda introductory offer, 2 for $50 = 1 for $25). I placed an order and had the staff contact me once the Hyaluronic one is back in stock. I asked if there was any offer and they said it was now a "buy a second one at half price offer" so it works out to be $49.35 for 2 = $24.65 each lolol why does it keep getting cheaper?! Okay anyway its still the "buy a second one at half price offer" from now till 22/3 so hurry and get your hands on them while they last!

So my summarized review for each item is:

Calendula Softening Jelly Mask
Said to effectively balance skin moisture and oil level, I feel that it also soothes irritated skin while being very gentle to sensitive skin. I need to use it longer to actually see a difference in my skin's moisture level but each use was super comforting and my skin's redness is greatly reduced, leaving only super soft skin albeit blurred pores. My skin also became brighter after just one use. Sounds crazy but yes it was like that. Smells very calming too.

Charcoal Black Jelly Mask
It is supposed to be the best of the bunch in removing impurities, blackheads and stuff. I apply this on my entire face and I do see some dirt in the gel! The most important thing is that it softens the skin and it lifts the gunk to the surface so you can remove them easily. The most effective way yet, to clean my nose, is to use a nose strip right after this mask. It draws out so much more blackheads and dirt than a heating mask do (face shop & laneige, tried and disliked lol). Has the same brightening effect on my complexion as the other masks. It cleanses my skin but is not drying like other charcoal masks do because they re-structure their charcoal ratio to appropriately draw out impurities but not dehydrating the skin. REPURCHASE 5EVA!!!

Aloe Moisturizing Jelly Mask
Aloe is meant to calm the skin and also moisturizes. This was the most "general" mask but it atleast brightens up my complexion quite visibly. Feels comfortable but not exactly very moisturized. This product is said to be able to reduce oil for oily skin peeps and also for after-sun care even on your body. If you're looking for a mask to relax and soothe your skin in this very humid country then go for it! Not gonna lie that its more for people who don't have much skin concerns. Most likely not gonna repurchase this and gonna try another from their abundance hehehe.

Usage of the mask is really simple. I like to apply a serum first, then slather on like 3mm thick of product, let it sit for 20 mins and use the provided spatula to scrape off, inwards, with very slight force. Then tissue off the rest and rinse your face, and continue with your skincare. And behold, the magic. The mask can be kept in the fridge (but remember to slightly "defrost" it or it'll cause cold burns to your skin) or simply in a cool, dry & dark place. I personally like using it straight out of the fridge hehe. Also, do not apply too thinly as it will dry and you will not be able to scrape the product off.

And after religiously using (and loving) them for a few weeks, I was invited to a workshop by SASA and Annie's Way to try out their mask! I was already a well-researched student (yes I am) when I went for the workshop so I was all interested and attentively agreeing to what they were saying, since I experienced the great effects myself.

Ms. Annie Wu, founder of Annie's Way explaining the miracles she created. Her skin was glowing, probably from using all the awesome products from the brand. They actually make spa products so you can count on this brand for a home-spa experience at a fraction of the price! 

This very decadent one is on my shopping list next.

I was also briefed that all the jelly masks are able to draw out dirt to the surface of your skin and it softens the skin as well. Its like a home-spa product. Finishing it off with a sheet of their mask will give you the best results. Being alcohol & paraben free, this product can be used everyday.. if you have the budget.

L-R: Ms Annie Wu, Model, Ms Zhang (demonstrator) and a SASA SG rep. The effects demonstrated on the model definitely wow-ed the audience with a really obvious brightening effect!

I spy their new range of skincare! Tried them today and I can't wait for them to arrive in SG. They're generally botanical skincare and smells AWESOME. Don't they look so princessy? Its what every girl needs at her dressing table! Ms Annie was really nice to provide me samples of these products. SO GONNA BUY ALL OF IT WHEN IT COMES.

I think.. my prayers were answered. We were gifted more masks to try out after the workshop and it was just what I was looking for, exactly :') Can't wait to try them out and review them too! Heard that the Rose one just arrived so you're getting the first dibs!

Annie's Way Jelly Masks are now available at SASA Singapore at $32.90 each (Rose Essence Jelly Mask at $45.90) with a "buy a second one at 50% off" offer only from now till 22/3! Its a super good chance to try these out!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mossy eyeshadows :(

Hi there!

I've never had a makeup item that mosses up even though its expired and stuff, so this was quite an amusement when I saw. It is exactly a year now, and these glitter eyeshadows from Etude House seem to be layered with some fuzzy moss on top. Its quite a waste that they are part of a palette so I threw both palettes away :( Just a disclaimer that I really loved Etude House eyeshadows as they're well pigmented, available in many colors and very affordable.


Dear My Blooming eyeshadow palette. I hardly use this so I didn't feel that sad when I dumped it.

&Rose eyeshadow palette. I was really sad, as this palette is my favourite go-to eyeshadow :( This palette's colors were very easy to wear & well coordinated, for a fuss-free yet complementing look. I would buy it again if its still sold!

Oh well 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Facial at Sylvia Skin Atelier


I went for a facial at Sylvia Skin Atelier last Friday, and ready to share my experience after a week! I read many reviews online (by bloggers, too) about this place and it definitely hyped my expectations after seeing the fancy treatments and luxurious setting!

Luxurious and comfortable interior

Though I wasn't personally attended to by its founder Ms Sylvia Yeo, (yes I've done my homework) she was someone of intense experience in the beauty industry and is very knowledgeable about skincare and beauty procedures. She herself was the representation of what to expect from her establishment; flawless skin and luxurious indulgence.

The whole process began with consultation - the beautician had my makeup removed and briefly looked at my skin before explaining to me which type of facial she'll be doing. As mentioned in my previous post regarding a skin analysis, my skin was amply moisturized but had some bacteria therefore the blemishes. The beautician saw that I had acne and some scarring so she advised a gentle yet effective skin renewal facial to lighten scars but does not aggravate the blemishes. She also explained that the more popular facials there are the slimming, firming and moisturizing types so they do have different procedures to meet your skin concerns.

Makeup removed, you can see the obvious acne scarrings.

Prologue: I didn't want to do any extraction of blackheads or acne whatsoever because I prefer to do it myself due to my sensitive skin. Such facials usually constitutes of this step to help unclog pores and remove dirt. I have checked, and the beautician said that their facial includes extraction usually.

Firstly, she cleansed my skin and then tidied my eyebrows. I usually don't trust anyone to do it because I took great care to maintain its shape. Her skills were great as she only tidied the sides without messing my eyebrow shape.

Then, she applied a chemical peel liquid with a 20% concentration and we waited for it to work. Felt a little tingly, but nothing uncomfortable. Peeling is an exfoliation step, and is much more gentle than scrubs. After awhile, she applied another liquid which was a booster for the exfoliation to be more effective. As the peeling liquid is acidic, she sprayed down a neutralizer and that was the end of the exfoliation process. No harsh scrubs that stresses the face or equipment used. The she applied a peel-off mask and finished with with some rose water to close the pores naturally. There was no unpleasant afterfeel but there was a slight redness which was very normal for most kinds of facial as it also testifies to a product working and having an effect on the skin.

The whole process was quite fast but definitely not rushed; it was finished in about 40 minutes maybe due to the exclusion of the extraction procedure. The beautician was also very meticulous as she had explained to me what she was gonna do exactly with what product and also exactly how I should feel so that it wouldn't "shock" me. Also by letting me see the products used, it puts me at ease to know that they will not cause any adverse reactions. She then advised on aftercare as she said that it was better not to be exposed to too much sun the next few days because the skin renewal process would still be working. I pretty much nua my weekends away at home, so there wasn't any discomfort even though the skin renewal process may still be working.

I have been observing the effectiveness of the facial. After a week, I did notice a few more blemishes popping around but its normal because its part of skin renewal to bring the dirt up to the surface, albeit purging. As this was a one-time thing, I havn't seen any obvious result to my acne scarring or skin texture. Definitely, my skin felt more clean after that but it only lasted the night. The process is very rejuvenating and relaxing.

Location wise, it is really easy to find the place being just at a junction (upstairs one of my favourite place for truffle fries hehehe) and a banner hangs for easy recognition. If you know where Katong I12 is, its diagonally opposite. I havn't got to see all the rooms but the room I was in. The lobby/ reception area was fancy and bright, adorned with luxurious details. The room was adequate, much like other salons.

The room I was in

I have to give it to this very friendly beautician who did something no other beautician has done when she knew that I was to review this place - she whipped out a ring light to light my pictures in the dim room! The light is the one you see at the side of the room, meant for better vision when doing detailed procedures and is present at every other facial reviews I did but none of the beauticians offered to use it for my pictures! The staffs were generally well-groomed and exhibit a good behaviour (I've to facials with noisy chattering staffs omg) so you'd definitely get to wind down without any disturbance at this place. I really appreciated that the staffs did no try to chat me up or hard sell because it would totally affect the experience.

  • 131 East Coast Road, #04-01
  • Singapore, Singapore 428816
  • (diagonally opposite I12 Katong)

Contact: (65) 6344 7333